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remembering to go out

Lately I feel like we haven't been having the outdoor adventures we need. Christmastime was busy, the weather has been depressing, and we lost some drive for it after we finished up our 1,000 hours. Plus there's other things we need to be doing! But days have more room for adventure than you expect, if you try, and yesterday we found some in between a vaccine appointment at CVS and a trip to the grocery store.

Zion and Elijah running on a boardwalk into a marsh

what adventure looks like

In between those two stops was Mary Cummings Park in Burlington, which we haven't spent too much time at because it's not very wild: feels more like an urban park, with wide paths and plenty of fields (Leah likes it for walking with the dogs because she appreciates the openness). Even relatively less wild, though, it gave us lots of chances to run and explore and climb walls and poke around rusty old car carcasses (the best part of urban woods). We got lots of exercise and fresh air... plus we got to have a pretty fun time together!

Zion (with a toy puppy in his shirt) and Elijah smiling in front of a chain link fence

sweet boys

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