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What if a bear goes in the woods and there's no one around to see it?

Because he loves us so much, or maybe because of his protective instincts, Rascal has aquired the habit of checking up on us wherever we are in the house. This is very cute when you're sitting down to read the paper and a cute little fuzzy curls up next to you. It's not so cute when your sitting down somewhere else. You see, our bathroom door does not fully latch, and as soon as you sit down to a moment of peace and quiet, you hear that little nose pressing against the door. He nudges it open just a crack, and then in walks the little pup himself, you know, just to see what you're up to.
What's that? Oh, you're deficating? I am like soooooo into that.

"Some people like their privacy" does not translate into hound.

I am reminded of Jenine Gararafffafallooo's line in Reality Bites:
"My parents have been married so long they leave the door open when they pee."
I'm sorry, but i'm not really ready for that level of intimacy with my spouse. I dislike it if i even see him walking towards the bathroom with a book in his hand.

"You're not going in there with that book, are you?"
"That makes it a dirty book, just so you know."

In Leah's world, dirty books never end up later on the kitchen table. But in Leah's world people also use seperate sponges for dishes and counters and don't use utensils that have been licked by the dog. In other words, LALALAND.

Then again, i think, maybe it is fair. I mean, i watch Rascal poop all the time.

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