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backup syrup

About ten years ago I bought a thing of syrup from Costco. If you haven't heard of that store, it's the one that sells everything in gigantic amounts; like, they're not content to offer containers of peanut butter that are twice as big as anything you'd ever buy in a regular grocery store, they have to sell them two at a time, holding them together with plastic. So the syrup I bought was pretty big, and it lasted us a while. It was nice to have what seemed like an endless supply of pure maple goodness; the only problem was it was a little hard to control the pouring flow. That, however, was a price we were prepared to pay!

Only now the bottle stands empty, the precious resource exhausted. And so long did we have it, that now I can't think to buy a new supply at the store! Twice I've been shopping, and twice have I returned without syrup. So Leah (braver than I) has been forced to dip into the supply of artificial maple-flavored syrup we have left over from when folks who eat alot visited us over the summer. "Can I have some delicious waffles with some disgusting syrup?" she asked this morning.

"Is it disgusting?"

"It tastes like college."

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