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a new look, a new system

Remember when the blog was broken, a while ago? Well, in that week or so while we didn't post I started working on a new blog machine. I wanted to get rid of the Moveable Type (which what we've been using since this was Squibix Goes West) for two reasons: one, cause when something goes wrong with it I don't have any idea how to make it better, and two, because it was so irritating to change anything about the appearance of the Moveable Type version. Even before the blog broke I wanted to change to this new look, but I couldn't face dealing with the MT templates.

So even though MT magically fixed itself, mostly, I went ahead and created the squibix blogging system (SBS), of which this is version 0.000001 alpha. No templates, just beautifully standard squibix design xhtml markup. Tweaks will no doubt have to be made, but so far everything seems to be working. I hope you like the new look!

Oh yeah, and I should mention the extra-special bonus feature of the new machine: comments are back! We better see some commenting, people.

A few more details about the changes: most obviously, you'll note that we've instituted a more obvious way to distinguish between Leah's posts and those authored by myself. You might be wondering how anyone would ever confuse the two, given the wide disparity in subject matter and tone they generally exhibit, but it never hurts to be extra careful. Plus, this way you can easily skip posts written by whichever one of us you can't stand! If you didn't figure it out on your own, my posts are grayish with the flower, and Leah's are pinkish with the star. That, and they have our names written in big letters up at the top.

Also, the 'Read more' section is fancied up a bit (at least if your javascript is working) so you can read all the front page posts on the front page, if you'd like.

Finally, we've gone through and removed all instances of our last name from these pages, in the interest of preserving our privacy from harassing fans and also prospective employers. So if you see 'A-------d' anywhere in here, you can fill in the missing letters either from your existing knowledge or from your imagination. I always wanted to be an Azerglood!


i like the addition of the dog to the logo

yay!!! Comments!!! Good job Mr. Azerglood :-)

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