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wedding bliss

So as Leah wrote, I was over in Ithaca for my brother's wedding. Over the course of the trip (which was not a long one: I left Friday morning and was back yesterday night) I came up with a number of observations and clevernesses worth describing in blog form. Unfortunately, however, the technology does not yet exist which will allow the user to transfer thoughts directly into a written format, so many of my ideas are doomed to disappear unrecorded. Actually, I suppose that a computer keyboard is designed to allow users to transfer thoughts directly into a written format, but it also requires a degree of user effort which I was not prepared to provide: I was partying, after all! And my brother knows how to throw a good party, especially when my parents are footing the bills.

The only negative in the whole affair, actually, was that I was called upon to make a toast. I knew it was a distinct possibility (especially as my mother had told me "You're going to make a toast, right?" and then subsequently inquired on a number of occasions if I had yet prepared anything) but when the moment came I still hadn't thought of anything, and trusted to inspiration to provide. Stupid inspiration, you let me down! So that wasn't so good. The price of gas these days also takes a bit of the joy out of the long trips by automobile.

It was all well worth it, though; more than worth it. I only wish Leah coulda been there, but luckily Tom and Nelly are having another whole wedding this summer so we're going to get to go to that one together. I can't wait!


A self-comment, since I'm too lazy to fix the problem: I notice that Leah already used the reference I referenced in the title of this entry, and made a Johnny Cochrane-like rhyme with it to boot. I am shamed in my unoriginality. I am also sleepy and can't think of a replacement title. Submissions will be gladly accepted.

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