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Doing things together!

When i joined the gym again, thanks to a charitable donationfrom Dan's parents, not only did i get a free backpack (yeah! quitters rule!) but i got a month-long guest pass for my dear husband, the last person you'd ever see voluntarily step foot in a gym. Last week, though, pressured by the limited-time free-ness of the offer, Dan aquiessed and went with me. Maybe for the last time. Let's just say i won't be getting him his own membership for Christmas.

First we went on the elyptical trainers, which Dan complained were "like doing nothing!"
"I know honey, that's the point. You work out without realizing it. See? You've burned 10 calories already."
"Ten calories? I'd better go eat something!"
Apparently, Dan's body is too efficient to do exercizes. He scoffed at abs on the ball, because why lie down and sit up again when you could just stay sitting? Dan was more agreeable with the freeweights, but at the beginning of every set he said, "How many of these do we have to do?" and every second set he said, "But we already did this one!" We worked our biceps and triceps and back and shoulders, and by then Dan was just about done with me for the rest of my life. After every exercise i said, "Isn't this fun?" And Dan said, "I can see how you'd think it is."

On the way back from the gym, we decided that exercising together would be more fun for Dan if it involved biking, walking, or some similar constantly changing venue. So today we did the super fun: biking AND eating! In the middle of the day we biked to the center to our favorite restaurant Dabin where we had a gift certificate (again courtesy of Dan's parents, they're really worried i guess!) After a delicious lunch, we walked around to the shops and got some desert at Candy Castle. All in all, it was a very nice date.

The nice thing about being married is you get a person to do fun things with. Some things, like lifting weights, are not fun for everyone. But biking to lunch is always better in twos, and no one can deny the funness of an afternoon ice-cream cone.


Dan is an excerciser after my own heart...why go to a gym when you can have so much more fun outside in the fresh air on your bike, or hiking or whatever...much more civilized than sweating away on some machine next to other sweaty people ;-) But at least the gym helps Leah stay sane, that's all that matters!

I'm actually torn on that one; a sane Leah is fine and good, yes, but an insane Leah makes for some *very* entertaining blog posts. :)

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