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Today i got a manicure from a Korean woman who made it her life's work to create the most perfectly straight white lines on the tips of my nails. It was so intense at times, all the other manicurists stood around watching in awe. Even i was humbled.

Grades are in, and i got straight A s, maintaining a perfect 4.0 after my first semester at Babson. I should note that my first year at Mount Holyoke i ended with a 4.0, and proceeded to have a hyperventilating fit because where can you go from a 4.0? Only down! Indeed, i graduated from my four-year career with a 3.93. What happened to those seven extra tenths of a point? Pathetic!

Whats-her-face won America's Next Top Model this evening. It is my highest aspiration to be on that show, just after i grow anouther 8 inches and have the bump on my nose Ashlee-Simpsoned. Imma commin Tyra!

Kangaroo on cute overload. That is all.

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