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Wake up call

This morning Rascal jumped on my head at 7am.

"He's waking you up," said Dan who had already been awake since 6, "to tell you that Ashley's calling."

It was true. Ashley, my work-out buddy and weight-lifting soul-mate who most irritatingly up and moved to Arizona last January, is back in Bedford for the week. At 7am, she was ready to get sweaty.

When i met her at the gym, it turned out that Ashley had not actually SLEPT in 24 hours, because of the late night plane flight and then eating gobs and gobs of sugary foods when she'd arrived home.
"I'm ready to go i'm ready to work out let's do a lot of cardio today because i didn't work out yesterday because i was on the plane," said Ashley.

The good news, other than Ashley finally getting some sleep at 1pm this afternoon, is that she's decided to move back to Massachusetts!!!!! Those of you familiar with my general level of loneliness know what a boon this is for me. (Irony: if more people were familiar with my general level of loneliness, i wouldn't be so lonely.) Ashley moving back will solve the two major problems in my life: being fat and not having any friends. Seriously though, having someone who casually says, "Want to do the Monster triathalon in September?" this makes me feel like a real person again.

Now back to being fat: i have a midterm on Monday and i'm making cookies for a study group on Sunday, but all that thinking about making cookies made me need to MAKE COOKIES, BEFORE the Sunday cookies. Pre-cookies-cookies taste like cookies. Am i gross yet?

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