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just like legos

Leah's right, assembling Ikea furniture holds no terrors to those of us who grew up playing with the Legos. (I do, hwoever, quible with one part of her desctiption: I'm not a former Lego enthusiast at all. On temporary hiatus, maybe.) I put together the tables on Thursday, and the armoir and dresser today. If you don't count the 75 miles round-trip I had to drive to finish the armoir, it was the dresser that took the longest, mainly because each drawer was more complicated than the entirety of all three other pieces. And there were three drawers to build. It was just like legos in that I was shuffling through bags of little pieces, and trying to figure out which piece was which based on the wordless instructions designed by Scandinavians to be comprehensible by speakers of any of the world's languages. Also similar was the terrible pain I had in my back by the time I finally got everything together. Good fun though, and a way to feel productive; balancing out the seven hours in front of the tv watching the World Cup, I suppose.


I can vouch for Lego experiences coming handy when constructing things. When we bought various furniture pieces at work, I was the one that put them together because I could just zip through the instructions and piles of pieces without being overly intimidated.

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