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feel the burn

No, I didn't go to the gym with Leah again. The only burn I ever feel is the kind that leads to permantent scarring.

Since it finally stopped raining, I thought to mow the lawn, to keep the grass from obscuring our second-story windows. Unfortunately, the lawnmower that I stole out of my neighbor's garage (I was going to put it back, honest) wasn't in the best working order, and in attempting to effect repairs I touched the exhaust manifold or the radiator or whatever it is (you can tell we're very mechanically oriented around here); in any case, it was the portion of the machine decorated with an image of a throbbing, super-heated hand by way of a cautionary message. And boy, they were't kidding! Luckily, it was my left hand, and only three fingers at that, but still I don't think I could have howled any louder. Leah was very kind to put up with me. After I had recovered slightly, she comforted me by pointing out that at least I didn't chop off part of my finger in the machine. I was touched. "That would have cost us so much money at the hospital!" she continued.


Feel better! just keep watching all the world cup games, that should help :-)

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