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hippy efficiencies

We've been doing our part around here to help the environment, in a variety of ways. A recap, with pros and cons:

Energy-saving Lightbulbs
Pros: They last a long time, meaning fewer light bulb changes are required each year. Since the wait time on replacing a burned-out light bulb in our house is currently running at around four weeks, this is a good thing.
Cons: Those things are expensive! Although, if the packaging is to be believed we're saving all sorts of money in the long run. If I was only organized and could do math I would compare selected electric bills to see, but since I'm 0-for-2 on those we'll have to take it on faith.

Water-saving Showerhead
Pros: It saves water, I guess. Isn't that worth something?! Also, I enjoy the pressurized spray pattern it produces. Plus it was very cheap.
Cons: The water drops are so small that, although they come out of the showerhead at a pleasant temperature, they cool off alot before they hit the ground. This means we have to turn the water temp up to compensate, so promised savings in water heating will not be as larged as promised.

Canvas Grocery Bags
Pros: When we bring our own bags to the grocery store we save ourself from drowing in a sea of plastic bags at home. And, we get five cents back at Whole Foods for every bag we don't use! Woohoo!
Cons: We look like big hippies.

New Energy-Star Fridge
Pros: Since our current fridge is dying anyways, we shelled out a little extra to get an energy-efficient model. I don't know what pros that'll bring us specifically (besides the happy knowledge that we're reducing our carbon footprint slightly) but it'll sure be nice to have a big new shiny fridge.
Cons: IT'S NOT HERE YET! It was supposed to come a week ago yesterday, but it was back-ordered. Now they've finally got it in town; they said they'd be by around 8:00 to deliver it, but so far nothing. I WANT A NEW FRIDGE!!!!!

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