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food and enough

It's nice, now that I've been here for a month and a half or whatever, to finally have a good solid base of food in the house. Not to say that Leah didn't own any food when I got here, but... I don't know how to finish this sentence. So for a while we had to buy everything for anything we wanted to make, which requires more advance planning than I can usually manage.

Now, though, we have flour and sugar and salt, and a reasonable array of spices, and two kinds of rice, and unopened containers of things like soup and peanut butter and pasta, so I feel like if I want to have a little snack or a little dinner the ingredients for something, at least, will be at hand. It makes grocery shopping a little less stressful too, cause I know that I won't starve if I forget something; but rather, each trip to the store is adding a little bit the bounty which is collecting in the cupboards. Of course, I still need to make special trips before preparing most dishes from actual cookbooks, to get things like coconut milk or mangos, but that is to be expected in even the best-run households.

You know you're all set when you find food you didn't know you had in the back of the cupboard. 'We have applesauce? Good deal!'

In entirely unrelated news, I'm thinking of moving to a new host, not coincidentally one that offers mySQL, which would mean I could host this blog on my own site instead of being beholden to EVula. I don't have anything against him, sure, and rather appreciate his kind services; but it sure would be easier to make changes to the blog templates--especially the stylesheet--if I could edit them directly instead of through the MT interface. That would also let me add database-y goodness to the rest of the squibix web, starting probably with the poor old words site but extending eventually, hopefully, to the front page itself; saving me a whole lot of work in updating. That's the plan anyways. I've installed mySQL on my own machine here and progressed as far as creating a table of grocery items and prices. (No, I'm not fixated on grocery shopping: that was the first example in the book I have. It does tie this entry together nicely, though, now that I think about it..) What I haven't been able to do is make the database talk nicely to PHP, but that'll come in time, I'm sure. It seems to be a problem with my particular installation here, anyways. So, things to look forward to.

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