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intercontinental middle school

Yesterday Leah wrote a post in which she expressed in a humorous fashion her displeasure about having to hear about the impending nuptials of one of her bridesmaids second-hand. Humorous, that is, in Leah-fashion, which means the words "self-centered" and "irritating" may have played some part in the narrative. Regrettably, and also humorously in its way, the bridesmaid in question happens to be a reader of this blog. Who knew?! Hi Aurora! Leah, naturally, felt pretty bad, and I don't think it helped that I was laughing at her the whole time. "Are you sorry you wrote it, or just sorry she saw it?" was pretty much my line.

What amused me the most about the whole situation was how middle-school it was, despite the fact that all the participants live in different states or something. "Joanna told Leah, and then Leah wrote about it but Aurora saw it, so Leah had to call Oona and tell her about it and..."

What happened was that Aurora was using an outdated email address of Leah's, so even though she tried to let Leah know about the wedding, she was unable to do so. Our Leah, you see, doesn't tell people about her changes of email addressóor not systematically at any rate. So Leah is sorry, and wishes to apologize publicly. In her defense, however, the post in question was far from the most bitter and mean-spirited thing she's ever written in these pages!

And of course, congratulations to Aurora! We'll understand if we aren't invited to the wedding after all this.

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