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weighty scholarship

I had my first class of the new semester today. I headed off with high expectations, a spring in my step, and a light backpack. Obviously, all three of those tend to be less and less the case as the year progresses, but it was the third that changed the fastest. Between buying my books and having a half-hour to kill at the library, by the time I got to class I could barely lift my bag. Back to normal, then. When you're studying elementary education you have to carry alot of picture books around, and those things get heavy!

The book-buying process is a rite of passage for all university students, and one which I have described before. You get a catch in your breath when you locate your course number on the shelves, only to see that there are seven books to buy for the class. Happily, I did a little better this semester than last: of the seven books, five of them were priced at under ten dollars (another feature of elementary education; you're not likely to find required volumes at $5.00 when you're getting a degree in biology!).

I saw my friend Monica in class, and when she saw that we needed to buy Flat Stanley and Everybody Cooks Rice she got all excited, and said she couldn't wait to head over to buy them. And she wasn't just happy about the prices! We take our future positions as educators of young children very seriously.


yay for Flat Stanley!

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