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survival of the species

According to the Boston Globe this morning, there is overcrowding in the Waltham school system, and the school has to cut 1.3 million from their budget. They tried to cut freshman sports, but parents complained. They tried to cut full-day kindergarten but the parents all yelled. The new initiative is to redistrict the elementary schools so that one particular school won't need to turn their entire gym into classrooms,like they already did for art and music, and some parents in the Globe are already complaining that, "It will split up neighborhoods. That's really hard on the kids."

I don't know how this phenomena remains undocumented, but it seems to me that otherwise intelligent women, once they have kids, become like completely unable to grasp simple problems of addition... even without numbers, the entire CONCEPT of simple addition. Like, your town has absolutely no money, so little that your obese kids can't have gym, and you "just say no" to any increased property taxes, but no resources, plus no allowable spending cuts, plus increased population every year, somehow equals "YOU CANNOT POSSIBLE CUT ONE SECOND OF FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN!! WHAT ARE YOU, A NAZI!!"

only the best for my child. he's my little angel. he deserves so much.

People saying that motherhood brings out the best in women is like saying that motherhood brings out the best in wolverines, because of the ferocity with which they dismember any other creature in a four-mile radius of their cub. It's called unconditional love. I think it's protected under the constitution, or, like, something.

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