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a bitter opening day

Yesterday was opening day, but did I pay any attention the Sox game? I did not. I wrote a great long screed about my displeasure with the team's ownership and broadcast coverage this afternoon, but I wrote it at school and sadly the university's internet access went out before I had a chance to publish the post. With no way to get the already information home, I sadly closed the browser window and said goodbye to my hard-written text. That's ok, though; instead of giving you that (it wasn't even that funny, anyways) I will follow a hallowed blogging tradition and just repost something someone else posted:

Yes, it's true, Dave O'Brien now ruins the summer pleasure of listening to the Red Sox game on the car radio. Instead of hearing the sounds of the shrine of Fenway, fans chatting, beer sellers hawking, Sawx fans heckling, planes overhead, all I'll hear now are Dave O's stories about when he was the announcer for the Marlins, and the obscure trivia that must be spewed over every sporting event he calls. Oh Christ, just shoot me now and get it over with.

That's from the blog Main St. USA. And I happen to agree.


Me too! i'm boycotting all games this year.

I'm boycotting the Sox this year too...Go Mariners!

Go Mariners indeed...who would have thunk that we'd be able to win against Oakland..fingers crossed for tonights game! And hopefully we'll be able to keep the momentum from this great start of the season.

Heh. Obviously, I should make this a baseball blog (or perhaps a sports blog in general) if I really want to generate interest among the readership! Alright, if you insist, I'll listen to the game tonight... the beginning of the game, that is. It starts at 8:10!!

(This topic is mainly to test if my name will show up in the 'posted by...' line; my apologies to those of you whose didn't (which I now restored).)

to all these "interesting" comments I'd just like to add a thank you to Dan for not yet mentioning the resounding defeat of the Mariners by the Red Sox the other was painful from a seattle perspective. *shudder*

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