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bloggy news

The current appearance of the blog is only temporary, in a bid to propitiate the weather spirits. It is too late, sadly, to save Patriots Day, which was canceled this year. ;_;, as the Japanese emoticons say.

Secondarily, though, it also serves to advertise the opening of my new blog template business, the creation of which was inspired by someone adapting for Blogger this particular skin (which I created for that sixapart contest some time ago). I happened upon it (the Blogger version) by chance, and was immediately inundated by requests from folks who liked it, but who wanted custom headers. And then someone even asked me to do a custom Blogger skin for her, which I did with pleasure. With so much interest, I had to do something to capture it in some official way! Also I wanted something that would let me avoid doing school work.

Also we got about a million comment spams this morning. Why do they do that? Comment spammers, none of your links work here! Stop trying! I only have to waste time deleting your nonsensical posts, time that I could much better spend doing other things. Like avoiding school work.


By the way, back when I originally created this design Leah said it looked like it belonged on a tissue box, and I quickly came to agree. I don't really like it, so I won't leave it on here long. But many other people are fans, apparently; the internet as a whole has sappier taste than we do, clearly.

that first link aint workin babe. Where is your blog skin store?

Oops, I had an extra quote mark in there. Fixed now.

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