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the book of the future, today!

Leah spent some time today reading the hottest new sensation on the internet, the *ahem* "pre-release" copy of the last Harry Potter book. She wants to get a head start so she can talk about it with me during my marathon all-day reading session on Saturday. If you haven't heard about it, it's nothing more than a series of photos of each of the book's pages that an individual took with his digital camera, and uploaded to the internet as .jpgs, so it's just like reading the actual book on your computer screen! Is this at last the ebook revolution we've been hearing about for so long?

The die-hard fans are still protesting that the leaked book is a fake, either an elaborate fan-fic hoax or a clever plot by the publisher designed to... um... give people willing to download a leaked copy of their book a free "alternate ending" to the Harry Potter saga? Folks are also claiming the whole thing as a "spoiler", but that doesn't make much sense: how can a whole book be a spoiler for itself? Like, will it somehow be a magical reading experience on Saturday but something less than that before then? Clearly attempting to rationalize Ms. Rowling's plot devices have addled their logical faculties!

Needless to say, we will be purchasing our copy of the book as planned, but considering the whole thing seems like a race to see who can finish the book first after getting it at a minute past midnight on Saturday, a little bit of a jump on the reading will not be taken amiss.


Any fan who claims that this is a hoax has not actually looked at the pdf. I am 360 pages into the book, and if it were a hoax then the fan fiction writers would not have bothered to put in the parts that are so completely booring. Of the characters talking and talking. endless summarizing what already happened. in all the previous six books.

I might be tempted to believe that the copy i am reading is a pre-release to editors before the book was actually checked for continuity errors. I await a version on Saturday with far less logical mistakes and mis-overlapping time sequencing. Sadly, i fear that i will be proved wrong.

Have fun waiting in line for the book...I just pre-order it on amazon...and I'm really happy I did this time cause I'm going to be camping this weekend and will not be near bookstores on Saturday, or late Friday night for that matter. Instead I will be in my tent, thinking about the book and how it arrived at my home via the post office and will be waiting for me to read it on Wednesday. Another blessing that I will be camping is that I still have to finish re-reading book 5 and I'll be able to finish those up over the weekend before going home to book 7. :) wow, I am such a freak.

Heh, we're all freaks this week. I reread all the books (except #2, ugh) over the last couple weeks, so I'm all set; and I was ready to answer Leah's questions about characters. "Who's Rufus Scrimgeour?" "Who's Mundungus Fletcher, again?" "Who's Charity Burbage?" I didn't know that last one, but I do now!

And there will be no waiting in line, if I can help it. If Barnes and Noble is too crowded, I'll just go pick up a copy at the grocery store!

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