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a marathon race

Leah ran her first marathon today, and, as every one but her expected, she finished it in good time. And unlike the original marathon runner, she didn't even die! She'll no doubt have more to say about it when she wakes up in a couple days, but she asked me to put up some pictures. So here they are!

Things were kind of crowdy at the start.

Rascal was very interested in the proceedings, and he joined with me in cheering all the runners.

We cheered Leah especially hard, of course! She was still going strong at mile 19.

The finish line was as chaotic as the start, so this is not the finest documentary image. Still, it clearly shows that she finished the race, and at 4 hours and 19 minutes or thereabouts. Congratulations Leah!!!


Yay for Leah! My hero! :)

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