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bake shop

I have made many batches of gingerbread in my days, but usually it's structural gingerbread—that is, the sort that will become part of a gingerbread house and thus needs a certain amount of strength and rigidity. Taste is not a primary concern. Just now, though, I was making some gingerbread cookies, and I figured I might as well try and make them worth eating. To test the results, I asked Leah to taste some of the dough. "How does it compare with the dough I made for the houses?" I asked her.

"Not bad!" she said. "It's actually edible!"

High praise indeed!

We gave away two gingerbread houses, but made sure to keep one for ourselves. It looks just like our house. I'm amazed I never thought to render this house in gingerbread before, but now it is done. Pictures will be forthcoming, perhaps.

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