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In school yesterday we stopped after lunch for a celebration with board games and hot chocolate. I'm pretty proud of the hot chocolate I've been making this winter with Hersheys cocoa, but I've got nothing on what our friend creates. Besides her amazing hot chocolate made with actual melted chocolate, milk, and cream, she also offered us something called "liquid truffle", which is—like it sounds—basically ganache diluted with just enough half and half to make it pourable. It was very good, and unfortunately I wasn't able to stop myself from overindulging. I didn't realize I had a problem until I started walking around and noticed that my heart was a little more active than I expected given that I'd been sitting still for the past hour. Then as we packed up to come home the dizziness started. In an effort to sleep at all tonight I took a brisk walk with the dogs when we got home, and then ate a solid supper of pasta and bread... do you think it'll work? If not, though, the chocolate was worth it.