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buddy can you spare a door?

On Saturday Zion was having a delightful time presenting a play for his family in the living room. In the wildness of his performance he ran up against the door and put his hand right through the glass. That put a stop to things! Fortunately, he wasn't hurt at all—he smashed a clean hole with the heel of his hand and his wrist managed to miss all the sharp parts. So since we didn't have to go to the hospital we were free to get mad.

Not too mad, of course, because what can you do? These things happen. Even to 110-year-old doors. Leah's thought was to replace the whole thing, but I was having none of it—I love that door! I was determined that we could repair it, that the oval window was actually a rectangle of glass in a wood frame. Leah did her part and sourced a replacement pane of glass, and I went to work taking apart the door. I soon discovered that I wouldn't be able to just pull the broken glass out of the window panel, so Saturday afternoon I got started making a replacement. It's not done yet. We're glad that the weather was warm over the weekend, and a little concerned that the temperature is now trending distinctly downward. I hung a blanket over the open space (we do have a storm door too, but it's none to snug in its frame) and, having just finished rereading The Long Winter, I've been telling the family that Laura and Mary had it much worse in 1881. But it's safe to say that I'll be working hard on the project tomorrow!