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oh yeah, skiing!

Yesterday afternoon I went on a walk in Landlocked Forest, one of our favorite mountain biking spots in other seasons. We've barely ridden in the last month or two; maybe I was pining for those long-ago days of swooshing down twisty paths on the steep hills of the Bedford-Burlington border. When I got there, though, what I most noticed were the ski tracks all over all the trails, even the hard ones. Why wasn't I doing that?! I've been cross-country skiing, but not for a long time; I forgot that it could be fun, and not just the best exercise you ever could hope for. It's probably too late to take up skis this winter—and I'm happy enough that we got skating—but the boys and I are already planning to add to our winter sports repertoire for next year!

ski tracks going down a hill in the woods

doesn't that look fun?