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hippy spelling and blog tags

Leah's post yesterday reminded me that, yes, the word is officially spelled hippie. I think that's dumb. We don't write ponie, do we? Happie?! There are no sunnie days, I believe. We're taking a stand in our tags, at least, even if we do occasionally waver in our titles.

Speaking of tags, I did some work this afternoon fancying up the editing side of the blog, and I couldn't help but notice that our tagging is a little inconsistent. Why, for example, is this one post tagged with "education" and all these others with "teaching"? Is it a semantic difference, or did I just forget what tag I had been using for those sorts of posts? And don't even get me started on the "adventures"/"adventure" distinction. At least I got rid of the last few capitalized tags, which had been sorting, separately from their lower-case siblings, to the top of the list. Hippies don't capitalize their blog tags, you know.