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Elijah's hair

Since Harvey stopped cutting his hair a couple years ago his brothers have been thinking about following in his footsteps, and now for the past year or so they have. Zion is looking towards the future and not particularly interested in grooming, so he's mostly just letting his go wild. But Elijah is a boy who's interested in his image, so we're treated regularly to new and dynamic styles.

Elijah posing in the pond, showing off his pig tails

summer style

He's particularly interested in dyeing his hair. He and Leah have actually tried to do it a few times, but it keeps washing out... even with "semi-permanent" hair dye. He does swim a lot, including in chlorinated pools, which might be a factor. Or maybe his hair is just so strong and naturally beautiful that it resists any attempts to alter it? I think some permanent dye is up next.

Elijah's selfie with pink hair

his selfie of the latest attempt