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what if I just used a typewriter?

I got a new computer. I didn't want to; I'm old, so I don't enjoy new things. But I need to make some videos for work and opening up Premiere Pro last week showed my that my old machine has some... issues. They're actually issues that would have led any normal person to start shopping for a new computer weeks—months!—ago, but I resist change, so it took something not functioning at all to force a decision. I spent a fair bit of my work day today setting up and configuring (all while trying to do work) and I am feeling pretty frustrated with what seems to me to be change for change's sake. Can't I just have a new computer that's exactly like the old one, but working?! I don't want to get used to a whole new mail client with a different layout. But that frustration is tempered by the fact that's it's actually pretty nice to not have to wait an average of three seconds after each mouse click to see something happened. My work will definitely go quicker once I get used to all the changes. And the old computer lasted me almost eight years; if this one is even near as good I'll have plenty of time to adapt.

our iPad

We have an iPad. Two, actually, though one is almost entirely broken. The newer one, technically Harvey’s since Grandma gave it to us on his birthday a few years ago, was heavily used upon first receipt then had a period of being regularly ignored. Now it’s back in heavy use, thanks to the addiction of three Archibalds to Pokemon online and one Archibald to Levar Burton’s Skybrary (formerly the Reading Rainbow ap). Leah has her own technology. I have what you might call mixed feelings. On the one hand, I really wish that we could all be spending more time on creative endeavors and wholesome outdoor pursuits. On the other, I’m in favor of individual decision-making, and also Pokemon online (and to a lesser extent Skybrary) is super fun!

The iPad can do other things too. It has music on it that we can listen to in the car if the radio isn’t performing to our satisfaction. We can look up things we’re curious about—not only Pokémons, but flora and fauna, maps, and historical trivia as well. And with the addition of a keyboard I can do my own work while the boys enjoy the library or the play space. Theoretically. In actual fact I find myself required at a frequency which prevents any real concentration—but it’s early days. I have high hopes for the future. The keyboard works fine; I’m using it to type these very words now, from the comfort of my bed. If the keys were only lit—and maybe a little bit bigger—it would be perfect.

Or we could get rid of the thing tomorrow; that would be fine too. The great thing about mixed feelings is that you can be happy with either outcome! But for now we’re doing technology; and that being the case, I’m off to play a little Pokemon before I go to sleep.