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au revoir le tour

The Tour de France ended today, and what a good one it was. I have complained before about previous tours and the "doping scandals" they involved; I don't care at all about doping, I just want to watch some racing. This year no one pretended moral outrage, and there was a fair amount of drama both in the individual stages and overall. Also I wasn't doing anything but watching the baby, and we have the DVR, so I was able to watch almost every minute of the US coverage (much of it, admittedly, in fast forward). Also Bradley Wiggens, who I picked as a favorite in the first third or so (mostly because of his name and nationality and because I wanted to support Garmin as the non-Columbia US team and Christian Vande Velde seems something of a tool) did quite well indeed. So it was all good, and now I never have to watch television ever again.

Also, I mentioned back in 2007 that I was going to become an Astana supporter; from what I can recall that was in response to them getting kicked out of the tour that year for doping. Needless to say, I was not supporting them this year.