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wagon afternoon

For his 2nd birthday Grandma and Grandpa gave Harvey a totally awesome wooden Radio Flyer wagon. We used it lots—for blueberry picking, for gathering reusable trash from the woods, and for getting places with the kids. Not to mention all the fun the boys had with it on the street in front of the house. Then it was supplanted—by the blue bike, and by the boys' own bikes and scooters—and retired to the back of the shed. But today when I kicked them out into the beautiful fall day Harvey and Zion somehow pulled it out, and showed the whole family a great time.

Harvey pulling Mama and Zion in the wagon

remember this old wagon?

I looked at a lot of old blog posts trying to see if I ever wrote about Harvey attaching the wagon to his tricycle in order to pull Zion around, but I couldn't find anything (though I did enjoy reading through the archives: I highly recommend it if you have a few hours to kill!). He remembers it well, and is still happy to be the engine in this particular train. And now he can pull Mama too!

Harvey pulling Mama and Zion in the wagon.. he's working hard!

Harvey is much stronger now

This evening he was wondering aloud about towing things with bicycles. We'll see what he comes up with tomorrow. Today it was enough for him to be on foot, pulling every member of the family from the mailbox to the end of the street and back. Good times for a fall afternoon!

Mama smiling in the wagon

fun for the whole family!