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snippets from our conversation today... hilarious to people who haven't slept in over a year.

Leah: Hey, did I tell you? My mom's cousin has a brand new double stroller she's going to give us.
Dan: That's awesome. Is it side-by-side or one-in-front-and-one-in-back?
Leah: I don't know.
Dan: Oh well. Don't look a gift stroller in the seating arrangement.


Leah: Do you know Harvey can say "barking" now? He heard Rascal downstairs and he said, "Wasgoo Bah-kin?"
Dan: Hey, do you know where a lot of dogs hang out? A BARKING lot! ... I just made that up just now.


Leah: Do you want some chicken, Harvey?
Harvey: Chicken Harvey?

...all wacked on scoobie snacks

Dan tells me, "I was outside with one of my students the other day, and he said, 'Look there's a Robin. HEY! Robin is a bird's name, and Robin Hood is a movie name!"

"You should have told him that Robin is also a person's name."

"I did. I said, 'Robin is also a person's first name, so Robin Hood is that guy's name.'"

"Well played."

"More precisely it's Robin The Hood.'"

"Why, because he wore a hood? I always thought because he lived in the hood. But I guess he really lived in the woods."

"You know what he'd be called if he lived today, don't you?"

"No, what?"

"Robin Banks, yo!"