sick blog

Like Dan, and Judy before him, and Cindy before her, I am now sick. Sick sick sick. Like crap is felt by me.

On the plus side, Dan and Rascal are very good care-taker-ofers. Dan pets my head and brings me food and medicine, and Rascal is just glad that i finally got the memo about lying in bed all day. Like, it's the only way to go!

no fool I

I managed to mostly avoid the internet today (and other lesser forms of media distribution as well) so as not to expose myself to the juvenile japes and pranks which are all too common on the first of April. Pagan superstition! Although I have to say some of the superstition, when I checked on it this evening, was kind of amusing. And while it's kind of annoying not to be able to trust anything you hear, at least the internet can't squirt water on me. YET!