moments from the week

Harvey and Zion in Walden Pond

swimming in April

Moments and images from the warm-weather week; and not all of them are just Lijah (I could have included more of him!).

Mama and Zion cuddling in the hammock

summer sunday

kids watching the parade

the parade

the boys helping in the garden

gardening start

Harvey riding down the twilight street, feet off the pedals

twilight zoom

shirtless Zion lying in the front yard reading a comic

comfortable weather

the three boys working at another sand factory


Harvey and Zion poking around a creek, Lijah looking on

this is what you do in the spring

Lijah standing in a field of dandilions

dandilions... rawr!

Lijah standing by the chicken coop in shirt, diaper, and sheep hat

he picks out his own clothes

Lijah at the beach with Harvey's captain hat on

captain on the beach