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moments from the week

Zion walking on a log over a brook

balance brook

Moments from the past week.

Harvey playing Pokemon

six juniors!

Harvey and friends working on block printing

our little print shop

Zion and Lijah looking cold pinicing outside the library

cold library picnic

the boys running across a field on a hike

crossing the prairie


moments from the week

Harvey, Zion, and Nisia walking in a field

New Years Day walk

Moments and images from the past week.

Harvey, Zion, and Leah playing Pokemon in a tournament

we made Mama play

Harvey and Lijah playing Smash Bros with Nathan

no board games for them New Years Eve...

Lijah poking his head out of a cardboard house

library entertainment

overflowing test tubes on the kitchen table

preschool chemistry


moments from the week

the boys with their cousin in front of Grandma and Grandpa's tree

Christmas cousins

Moments from our Christmas week.

Elijah holding a candle in church on Christmas Eve

this little light

our tree on Christmas morning

presents accounted for

the boys testing the ice at the old reservoir, late afternoon

testing the ice

Harvey lying on a bridge dipping his hand in a stream

running water too

Lijah and Zion with messy red hands mixing paint into playdough

caught red handed


moments from the week

the boys and friends decorating gingerbread houses

creative chaos

Moments from the past week.

Lijah in a paper and cotton-ball sheep hat

about to say "baa"

Zion zipping across a playground zip line


Harvey and Zion trying to pet a cat by the Chip-In Farm barn

patient petters

Lijah by the woodpile

happy with his new coat

Zion, Harvey, and friends looking seriously at candles on the table

seriously considering the light in the darkness


moments from the week

Zion's being a Christmas tree (thanks to a plywood tree with the face hole)

the best-looking tree

Moments from the past week.

Lijah helping clean the tables in his Kids Church classroom

a big helper in Kids Church

Zion and Lijah feeding the animals at Chip In

visting the animals after choosing the tree

Zion sitting atop the monument at the Paul Revere capture site

staying on top of history

Harvey about to catch a basball


Harvey playing pokemon

warming up before the weekend's League Cup


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion standing on a wall with a lighthouse in the background

a visit to the coast

Moments from the past week.

Harvey at the picnic table at work on a wreath

wreath creation

the boys leaning against the outside wall of the Minuteman NHP

chillin at the NPS

the boys playing on and around the swing in our yard

just playing outside

Zion playing at a Pokemon event

Zion's first League Cup


moments from the week

Lijah holding up a train in front of complicated track setup

in training

A couple moments from the past week.

Harvey dipping his sock (with his foot in it) in a stream

cleaning the mud off his sock

Zion painting a wooden figure at a church event

Advent crafting


moments from the week

the boys with candles by Rascal's grave


Moments and images from a slow sad week.

Harvey and Zion sitting on a stone wall sign at MIT

into the city for Pokemon

a deep puddle across the trail in the snowy woods

winter hiking shouldn't have puddles

Lijah peeling potatoes

helping with Thanksgiving prep

Lijah walking in the woods

more outdoors

Harvey and Lijah working on needle felting on the living room floor

craft work


moments from the week

the boys posing in their winter gear at Park Day

cold-weather Park Day kit

A few moments from the past week.

Lijah painting purple art at the kitchen table

purple painter

Harvey, Zion, and Nathan playing Stratego



moments from the week

Lijah smiling in a leaf pile

fall fun

Moments from the past week.

Lijah concentrating on cooking in the playhouse

concentrating on cooking

the boys looking at a book with Grandpa David

enjoying a good read

Zion feeding goats at Chip-In Farm

a visit to the goats

lots of kids at our table

Friday is a party

the boys checking out a big rusty machine on a hike

fun find on our hike