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moments from the week

Lijah sitting on the table drawing

the drawing table

Moments from the past week.

Harvey playing checkers on the giant street board in Lexington

street checkers

Lijah and Jack doing a puppet show at the library

puppets with friends

Lijah picking black raspberries to eat

berrying at home

Zion with scotch tape over his mouth

silenced all his life

the kids in the water at Walden Pond under ominous gray clouds

just before the downpour

Harvey waiting to blow out birthday candles at the picnic table on the lawn

birthday party at last!


moments from the week

they boys playing in biggish waves

playing with the Atlantic Ocean

Moments from the past week.

the boys gluing shells and sea glass with Grandma

crafting with Grandma

Zion reading a book to his brothers on the beach

beach reading

boys biking past bollards painted to read

the happiest path in town

Lijah dropping baking soda into vinegar on the back porch

outdoor chemistry

kids with backpacks looking out onto Fawn Lake

summer camp is back

the boys playing in a spray fountain on the shores of Boston Harbor

city water


moments from the week

Lijah in the canoe trailing his hand in the water

river fingers

Moments from the past week.

Harvey reading to an admiring Natalie

he's a good reader

Zion with squashed strawberry running down his leg

my leg is bleeding!

Lijah in the canoe, Harvey and a friend swimming alongside

a canoe is endless fun

hamburgers and french fries cooking on the fire

meat and potatoes

the kids at the Great Meadows

great meadows

Zion playing with duplo train tracks

making a world

an artistic barn set up for a party

barn party


moments from the week

Harvey blowing out the candles on a birthday cake

the first of many cakes for this birthday

Moments from the past week.

Lijah riding a bike with training wheels

upgrading from three wheels to four

Harvey ready to blow out another candle

another day, another cake!

Lijah playing at the edge of a fountain

getting only a little bit wet

Zion (and Harvey far away) riding down a path

biking to a birthday party

Zion holding up a big M&M cookie

cookie smile


moments from the week

Lijah in tiger face paint roaring while holding a lollipop

tigers like the orange lollipops

Moments from the past week.

Lijah up high in a tree, with a ladder below him

up a tree

Lijah in lion sweatshirt making lemondade

a study in yellow

the boys playing a board game

sometimes it rains

the boys eating ice cream in a crowded church hall

strawberry fest (with ice cream)

Harvey lying in the grass reading a book

always reading


moments from the week

Harvey running though a spray of water

summer evening

Moments from the past week.

Lijah dripping on the porch

on a break from playing in the rain

Zion planting petunias in a flower box


geese and goslings walking right by the boys on the beach

Walden geese are used to people

Zion playing with kids outside at the Discovery Museum

kids to play with


moments from the week

Lijah and two friends pushing a third on our toy tractor

friend train

Moments and images from the past week.

Harvey, Lijah, and friends peering over the edge of a boardwalk

looking for frogs

Zion holding one of the young hens, Lijah looking on

caring for the little hens

Zion reading a book


Zion and a friend jumping on a trampoline

and also still a jumper

a bouquet of rhododendron and wisteria flowers on the picnic table

a beautiful table

the boys eating breakfast on the back porch

yesterday's flowers still beautiful

Zion watching a friend get ready to blow out his birthday candles

best friend's birthday


moments from the week

the boys playing on the beach in Rockport


Moments from the past week.

Zion watering the strawberry patch

watering the strawberries

Lijah stretching with Mama

morning stretches

Harvey and Zion lying down with a friend in a soccer goal

relaxed homeschool soccer

Lijah playing outside with the young hens

chicks growing up

Lijah exploring rocks above the Concord River

exploring by boat

marshmallows toasting over our fire

marshmallow evening


moments from the week

the boys eating breakfast on the back porch

spring breakfast

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion in the canoe on the Sudbury River

exploring the Sudbury

Zion in a tunnel

a secret passage

Zion petting a cat

petting cats...

Lijah petting a goat

... and goats

the boys sticking their heads on the shelves of plants at the plant sale

attractive plants for sale

(Also, I went back and added the two missing weeks... photo import from my phone is working again!)


moments from the week

Zion smiling with his birthday cake from Grandma

first eighth birthday party

Moments from the past week [added retroactively].

Zion on the banks of a pond with friends

part of the frog-catching crew

Harvey wading into the water at Long Pond in Acton

still not quite warm

Harvey with foam sword and wooden shield

geared up for coop park day

a hen checking out the chicks, outside for the first time

first meeting

Harvey flying a kite with a friend

perfect spring breeze

the boys walking along a Nashua highway at sunset

evening in Nashua