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moments from the week

the boys eating breakfast on the back porch

spring breakfast

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion in the canoe on the Sudbury River

exploring the Sudbury

Zion in a tunnel

a secret passage

Zion petting a cat

petting cats...

Lijah petting a goat

... and goats

the boys sticking their heads on the shelves of plants at the plant sale

attractive plants for sale

(Also, I went back and added the two missing weeks... photo import from my phone is working again!)


moments from the week

Zion smiling with his birthday cake from Grandma

first eighth birthday party

Moments from the past week [added retroactively].

Zion on the banks of a pond with friends

part of the frog-catching crew

Harvey wading into the water at Long Pond in Acton

still not quite warm

Harvey with foam sword and wooden shield

geared up for coop park day

a hen checking out the chicks, outside for the first time

first meeting

Harvey flying a kite with a friend

perfect spring breeze

the boys walking along a Nashua highway at sunset

evening in Nashua


moments from the week

Lijah and a friend watching Harvey and Zion play on a friend's zipline

spring adventures with friends

Moments from the past week [added retroactively].

Harvey among the crowd at a comic store playing pokemon

prerelease Pokemon

the boys and coop friends picnicing on a street corner

a fine spot for a picnic, no?

Zion blowing out a candle stuck in a pancake

Zion's (early) birthday breakfast

Zion deep in mud on a flooded-out riverwalk

receding floodwaters

me and the boys around a restaurant table

eating out!

Lijah in a cowboy hat lying on a concrete floor

travel is tiring!

Harvey playing pokemon at the Hartford Regional

playing in the big time


moments from the week

the boys with the new baby chicks

new chicks!

Moments from the past week.

water pouring over the spillway from Warners Pond into Nashoba Brook

high water on Nashoba Brook...

Lijah on a bridge abuttment above the Assabet River

... and the Assabet River

Harvey and Zion sitting behind the backstop watching kids play baseball

a friend started baseball


catch-up moments

kids rushing into the yard to begin the egg hunt

egg hunt!

We've been busy the last couple weeks! Here's some images of what's been going on.

Lijah in snow coat alongside the wild waters of the Merrimack River

the rapids of the Merrimack

kids flying kites on a playing field

kites at co-op

redcoat reenactors in action

regular reenactors

Lijah sleeping on the couch

out of steam after a busy day

the kids sitting on the curb eating treats waiting for the parade

pre-parade sugar intake

Zion lying on the pointy end of the hammock

summery perch

Lijah playing in the spray from a hole in the hose


Lijah lying draped over the branch of a tree, roaring

in leopard mode

Harvey wading out into the pond beyond the canoe

into the COLD water

the boys in their Easter suits

new suits for 2019


moments from the week

Lijah in costume for Bedford's Patriots Day festivities

Patriots Day festivities begin

Moments from the past week.

the boys eating lunch on the back porch

first outdoor lunch of the spring

Lijah licking his fingers after eating a smore by the fire

smore time!

Lijah crouching by the waterfall out of Warners Pond

spring whitewater

Harvey looking at a broken-down cabin in the woods

urbex in the woods


moments from the week

in the canoe heading down the Concord River

back on the water

Moments and images from the past week.

Lijah sitting on the couch wearing big headphones

he makes good choices

the boys wrestling in a meadow

a mid-hike break

an ice-covered twig above whitewater

the meeting of winter and spring

Zion balancing on a tree trunk partially fallen across the trail

climb everything

lots of dirty dishes on the table

we had a brunch

the boat pulled up on shore

love than boat


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion walking on the street with long shadows behind them

morning walk

Moments from the past week.

Lijah wrapped in a blanket surrounded by food lying on the church kitchen floor

sick at church

Harvey walking barefoot in a creek

early tryout for spring feet

Harvey and Zion atop a giant hill of sand-covered snow

what's left of the... snow?

Zion and Lijah playing with a cat in a barn feeding trough

a barn is warm in the March rain

Mama pinning Easter coat patterns on the kitchen table

getting ready for Easter

Lijah on his tummy on the big tree swing



moments from the week

Lijah in pirate facepaint brandishing a hook

me hearty

Moments from the past week.

a view of my front wheel cycling through a giant puddle

some water on the bike path

Zion climbing a partially fallen white pine

up a tree

Lijah in the yard in his pirate costume

pirating all week

Harvey atop a very steep ornamental bridge in a park

pokemon tourism in Worcester


moments from the week

Lijah, Natalie, and Henry buried in snow

snow buddies

Moments from the past week.

the van under about a foot of snow

it's March

Lijah blowing out candles at Grandma's house

kicking off the birthday week

Zion licking an icicle on the porch

icicle season

Lijah standing on the top of the sledding hill, well covered

on the slopes

Lijah showing off a new stuffed mouse at his birthday party

party time!