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moments from the week

Zion and Harvey looking at the Concord River

pointing out the tree where they played in the low-water summer

Moments from the past week.

Havana and Kamilah on the roof of the playhouse, Harvey leaning out the window

incomplete playhouse = climbing structure

Zion standing on slushy ice

Zion walking on water

Zion swinging on the monkey bars

the playground is open for business

Harvey writing in his notebook homework at the playspace

Pokemon homework


moments from the week

the boys in front of Lexington's Old Bellfry

tourists in Lexington

Moments from the past week.

the boys watching football with friends

sports fans

Havana and the boys trying to light a fire

wet weather for fires

Lijah on a hike

becoming a confident winter hiker

Zion biting into a sandwich picnicking in a field

a cold sandwich

Lijah playing big legos with Liam

lego buddies


moments from the week

Lijah playing on the wheelbarrow

spinning wheel

Moments and images from the past week.

the interior of the playhouse under construction

playhouse progress (view from the loft)

Lijah sitting in a basket holding up a toy cat

cat basket

the kids woodworking in the basement

woodworking in the basement

Zion and Jack hunting in the woods

some of the hunting party


moments from the week

the boys resting in a field

winter relaxation

Moments from the past week.

the boys concentrating on art at the kitchen table

concentrating on their work

Harvey and Zion playing Pokemon

one of many battles

Lijah walking in the rain

winter rain is the coldest

Lijah, Henry, and Liam playing a board game

playing superheros

Lijah on a couch at the library, looking at a book

enjoying the library sunbeam

Harvey, Zion, and Nathan playing soccer in Nathan\'s backyard

winter ball


moments from the week

Zion, Lijah, and Julen building at Learning Express

playspace engineers

A couple moments from the past week.

Lijah and Kamilah dancing in the low-light playroom

evening dance


moments from the week

Zion atop a giant snow mountain

king of the mountain

Moments from the past week of dramatic weather shifts.

Harvey, Zion, and Havana playing a board game

winter sport

Lijah and Kamilah in the snow, making silly faces

selfie faces for a non-selfie

Lijah pikachu crawling out of a snow fort

pikachu in the snow

the boys smiling in the half-built playhouse

builders resting

Harvey and Zion playing pokemon cards on the porch

I guess it got warmer

Harvey, shoeless in shorts, batting a snowball with a shovel

snow ball

Harvey and Zion's snow boots completely encased in mud

thaw: the aftermath


moments from the week

our house with Chrismas lights

winter lights

Moments from a quiet week.

turkey drumsticks and other food on the table

some of the New Years Eve feast

snow on the shed

after the blizzard

the boys starting to eat their gingerbread houses

they've been waiting so long

Lijah with a rubber band in his hair pointing a sword like a gun

our warrior


moments from the week

Harvey and Nisia on the snow tube

Christmas sledding cousins

Moments from the week, courtesy of the new camera.

the front of our house in the snow

the weather Christmas morning

Zion building legos

we made it to the presents!

Harvey aiming his bow

winter hunter

Zion making a snow angel


Leah in her headphones working at the big kitchen table

Mama's new happy place

Harvey and Zion posing on the sledding hill as the sun sets

yay winter


moments from the week

our christmas tree lit up

quiet and still

Lots of bad camera photos from the past week.

Zion wearing Hanukah presents: knight armor and batman mask

Hanukah costumes

the lit up menorah on a full lunch table

eighth lunch of Hanukah

Zion on the roof of the in-progress playhouse

roof work

Harvey doing homework by candlelight

candlelit homework

Zion lying on the ground on the black ice

black ice

Zion and Lijah making gingerbread

gingerbread bakers

the boys standing around a smoky fire

where there's smoke there will be fire

the boys playing Carcasonne

board gaming

ice on the the spirea plant

ice storm


moments from the week

the snowy yard, looking towards the in-progress playhouse


Moments from the past week (moments are all I have time for!!).

Harvey being a tree at Chip-In

our best tree

the boys at the top of a sledding hill

hitting the slopes

Harvey and Zion playing by the riverbank

making icebergs

Lijah wearing a pikachu costume drawing

pikachu at work