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moments from the week

Lijah tending a makeshift bar under a tree, Harvey swinging behind him

playing in the yard

Moments from the past week.

my desk set up with microphone and guitar and propped-up notes

the setup for broadcasting Kids Church over Zoom

the boys playing catch in the yard


Leah, Zion,and Lijah doing an video yoga class

vertual stretching

Lijah on top of the step ladder by the maple tree in our yard

climbing ladders...

Zion and Lijah walking up a sloping downed tree

... and trees


moments from the week

purple crocuses poking out of the snow

that time of year

Moments from the past week.

Lijah lying on the rail of the dumpster

trash hauling is hard work

Zion and Lijah refreshing the litter in the nesting boxes

farm work

walking in the woods in the March snowfall

snowy walk

Lijah playing against Liam on Pokemon online (and FaceTime)

online playdate

Lijah running away from the waves on a fairly crowded beach

it's easy to social distance on the beach


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah on a Zoom read-aloud

this is our life now

Lots of moments from the past week—not all of them of us on screens. (Also I finally put up the past three weeks' "moments" posts, if you want to scroll back and check them out).

Zion in his snowsuit by the side door

it was really snowing a little!

the boys playing Quest for El Dorado

never bored with board games

Zion and Lijah looking at a hole in the base of a tree

who lives there?

playing Pictionary with friends over Zoom

Pictionary over Zoom

eating lunch on the back porch

picnic lunch!

Harvey and Lijah on a Zoom call on the iPad on the back deck

still on Zoom, but outside

Harvey and Zion playing with bubbles in the back yard


Zion and Lijah painting at the playroom table

morning art time

Leah and Zion tucked in bed with their digital devices

cuddling with screens

Zion in costume as King Lucas the Loftier

as King Lucas for the Book Club party

Zion and Lijah playing by a spillway

spring means exploring water


moments from the week

Zion compressing a load of leaves in the wheelbarrow

getting out for some yard work

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Lijah in a sunbeam at church


garlic shoots emerging from straw mulch


Lijah trying out a friend's violin

his dream coming true

Zion, Lijah, Piper, Finley, and Roca looking over the edge of a boardwalk into a bog

frog egg hunt

Harvey working to feed a big fire


Zion playing with a lego building in his clean room

plenty of time to clean and to play


moments from the week

Matthew pushing Lijah in a crazy old buggy stroller

birthday ride

Moments from the past week.

Lijah waiting to blow out the candles on his cake at Grandma's house

birthday cake at Grandma's

the boys lined up with friends looking over a porch railing

gravity experimenters

the boys taking part in a class in our friends' living room

home school

Zion and Matthew on a pallet suspended from a rope, Harvey swinging into them

how could this possible go wrong?!


moments from the week

Harvey playing with cornstarch-water goop at homeschool coop


A few moments from the past week.

Lijah on his training wheel bike following his brothers

he didn't stay that close behind them for long

Lijah listening to a friend reading a picture book on our couch

reading with friends


moments from the week

kids doing art at our kitchen table

art cooperation

Moments from the past week.

a cozy reading set-up for our lesson on trees

soft space for tree reading

Lijah sledding down a narrow band of snow on a grassy hill

just enough snow

Harvey and a friend looking at an iPad at a Pokemon event

while not playing Pokemon

Zion in a mask and cape at Emily's birthday party



moments from the week

the kids playing around a giant puddle in the woods with a little ice on it

more water than ice

A few moments from the past week.

Lijah playing Candyland with friends at the Chelmsford library

games at a library

Zion, Lijah, and Matthew atop a big rock by the Lexington bell-tower

on top of Lexington Center


moments from the week

Zion up on a fallen tree with friends

in the wild

Moments from the past week.

the boys playing with toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Dada's old toys are still fun

Lijah running in a field with a friends and her dog

playing field

Zion sliding down a slightly-snowy hill on his belly

penguins don't need sleds

kids watching a video of illustrator Jonathan Bean

video-based learning

Harvey coming back from sledding in the rain

rainy-day sledding

Zion breaking through ice into shin-deep water in a puddle on the trail

through the ice


moments from the week

the kids on the ice of the Old Reservoir with some friends

sharing the ice

Moments and images from the past week.

the boys proudly displaying their carefully arranged picnic tray on the porch

picnic planners

Harvey and Lijah hard at work at homeschool science

homeschool science class

Zion and Harvey playing Pokemon at a prerelease event

Zion's return to organized Pokemon