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moments from the week

Zion up on a fallen tree with friends

in the wild

Moments from the past week.

the boys playing with toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Dada's old toys are still fun

Lijah running in a field with a friends and her dog

playing field

Zion sliding down a slightly-snowy hill on his belly

penguins don't need sleds

kids watching a video of illustrator Jonathan Bean

video-based learning

Harvey coming back from sledding in the rain

rainy-day sledding

Zion breaking through ice into shin-deep water in a puddle on the trail

through the ice


moments from the week

the kids on the ice of the Old Reservoir with some friends

sharing the ice

Moments and images from the past week.

the boys proudly displaying their carefully arranged picnic tray on the porch

picnic planners

Harvey and Lijah hard at work at homeschool science

homeschool science class

Zion and Harvey playing Pokemon at a prerelease event

Zion's return to organized Pokemon


moments from the week

Lijah swinging at the playground with the low sun behind him

we still get out in the winter

Moments from the past week.

Lijah pulling a sled back up the hill

capable sledder

Lijah, Matthew, and Harvey enjoying hot cocoa

apres sled

Lijah holding Zion down on the ice

ice wrestling

Zion in shirt sleeves running in the snowy woods

hiking warms you up

Lijah watching an orchestra concert

concert hall

the face of a brown sheep, with horns

we visited sheep

Harvey, Zion, and Lijah looking at iPads in the hallway of a comic book store

in between rounds for Harvey


moments from the week

Lijah hanging from the climbing structure at church

hanging out at church

Moments from the past week.

Lijah looking at a pair of experimental water-filled jars on a table

homeschool work

kids being silly on a slack line

and play

Lijah working with clay

clay shaping

the boys, bundled up, looking at the ice in a stone horse trough

suddenly ice


moments from the week

the boys sitting barefoot around a big fire

supper fire

Moments from the past week.

Zion holding his gingerbread house

just before its demolition

Lijah taking a pause from sliding on the ice

taking a break on the ice

Harvey and Zion scooping wax chips to make candles



moments from the week

the boys and Nisia on the beach wearing winter clothes

new year beach

A couple of moments from the past week.

the boys and their cousins sitting on the stairs for a picture

family gathering

Lijah and Zion bowling in adjacent lanes

bowling champs


moments from the year

all the Archibalds smiling atop Dorr

all of us

Here are some of the our top moments and images from 2019. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—either for aesthetic reasons or because of how much fun the moment was (usually a mixture of both!). I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard, because there were so many good moments. But you have to have some standards. Here's to lots more wonderful moments in 2020!


Harvey, Zion, and Nisia walking in a field

New Years Day walk

Lijah bundled up on a cold sunny day

on the slopes

Zion and Harvey running on the dark ice of Spy Pond

out on the pond


Zion sliding on a small cleared patch of ice on a snowy marsh

enjoying his own private rink

Harvey reading Dog Man to brothers and friends

boys with a book

Harvey on a swing at MIT, the setting sun reflecting on the glass wall beyond him

getting some swinging in after playing at MIT


three barefoot boys all playing on the one porch swing

and spring silliness the next day

Lijah in pirate facepaint brandishing a hook

me hearty

in the canoe heading down the Concord River

back on the water


Zion and Lijah watching lambs in the barn

lamb barn

redcoats forming up in a haze of gun smoke

the fog of war

the boys in their Easter suits

new suits for 2019


kids picnicking by their bikes on a field above Fawn Lake

a fine spot for a birthday lunch

the boys playing on the beach in Rockport


Zion holding one of the young hens, Lijah looking on

caring for the little hens


the boys eating breakfast on the back porch

yesterday's flowers still beautiful

Harvey lying in the grass reading a book

always reading

our boat below the Old North Bridge, it covered with singers and bubbles

midsummer spectacle


Harvey and Zion preparing to ride a moderate-sized wave

here comes one!

Lijah eating cotton candy

holiday sugar

Zion standing on a cliffside looking way down at the road



kids playing around the ford in Concord's Great Meadows bird sanctuary

the ford in the meadow

Harvey concentrating on Pokemon cards at a crowded table

playing for the World Championship

our tent among others in a friend's front yard

front yard camping


the boys writing with feathers dipped in pokeweed berry juice

history in action

the boys far away on a cold-weather beach

the beach is best in September

the boys hiking along a lane

hiking into fall


Harvey swordfighting Sam on a little bridge

battle on the bridge

Zion toasting a marshmallow

more fires

Zion's feet wading in a pond among floating leaves and pine needles

fall wading


Zion and Lijah playing in a leaf pile


Lijah looking at a gigantic puddle blocking the trail in the woods

path blocked

the boys at Thanksgiving dinner



Harvey standing on the hill with a sled

this is the life!

the boys walking in the woods between tall white pines towards the low sun

midwinter cathedral

Zion and Lijah building legos by the light of the Christmas tree

Christmas day in the morning


moments from the week

the boys opening presents in front of our Christmas tree


Moments from the past week.

chickens out and about in a little bit of snow

chickens in the snow

the Christmas tree at my parents' house

grandparents' tree

Lijah eating a chocolate-frosted donut

traditional Christmas breakfast

candy wrappers and crumbs covering the table after we made gingerbread houses

after the gingerbread work

Lijah with the mallet at the firewood splitting stump

firewood helper

Zion lighting the Hannukah candles

come light the menorah


moments from the week

the boys walking in the woods between tall white pines towards the low sun

midwinter cathedral

Moments from the past week.

kids sliding on an ice-covered puddle in the woods

frozen but wet on top

kids playing with magnetic building tiles on the floor

serious homeschool work

Harvey and two friends posing with a bridge they built over a stream

bridge builders

Harvey and Zion by the fire at night

solstice night


moments from the week

a Monopoly game seen from above

playing long and hard

Moments from the past week.

Lijah dipping his feet in a tiny stream

no snow means yes paddling

barefoot Harvey crossing a partially sunken, snow-covered bridge

wading in the slush

Lijah manuevering to test the ice on a puddle in the snowy woods

testing the ice

Lijah reaching to hang an ornament on the Christmas tree


a stack of books with a sign:

Harvey's idea