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moments from the week

Lijah smiling in a leaf pile

fall fun

Moments from the past week.

Lijah concentrating on cooking in the playhouse

concentrating on cooking

the boys looking at a book with Grandpa David

enjoying a good read

Zion feeding goats at Chip-In Farm

a visit to the goats

lots of kids at our table

Friday is a party

the boys checking out a big rusty machine on a hike

fun find on our hike


moments from the week

the boys wading in the calm ocean late afternoon

Old Silver ocean

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion listening to a guitarist at the farmers market

farmers market music

Lijah and Zion working with clay at the kitchen table


the boys and Kamilah reaching into the touch tank at the Woods Hole aquarium

touching sea creatures

Lijah painting a pumpkin

seasonal craft


many missing moments

the boys braving the wind on the breakwater in Provincetown

how far does it go?

Life got away from me a little bit. But while I didn't manage to get to the blog for the last month, that doesn't mean we didn't do anything; on the contrary! Here are some of the many moments from the past month.

Harvey looking at the Bewitched statue in Salem

Pokemon tourism in Salem

the boys at the breakfast table in sweatshirts

first chilly morning

the boys sitting on the curb making silly faces

waiting for the parade

Zion and Lijah standing on the chicken coop to pick crab apples

crab apple harvest

Mama and the boys trying to get into the wavey ocean

the fall ocean is a little rougher

the boys and friends pausing to look over the side of a wooden bridge

on a relaxed hike

Lijah in his leopard hat and mittens

he's a wildcat when it gets cold

Harvey under a big abstract sculpture at MIT

Pokemon tourism at MIT

a band member balancing a trombone on his chin

Honk parade!

Harvey playing foozball at a crowded party

foozball champ

Mama and Harvey swimming in Walden Pond

october swim

the boys on the couch Facetiming with Mama

Mama reporting in from Chicago

Zion looking bored playing Pokemon at Comicazi

giving competitive Pokemon a try

in the canoe on breezy Walden Pond

cold-weather boating

the boys in a stick house in the woods

human-size fairy house

the boys and a friend sliding down a rock on a woodsy hillside

natural slide


moments from the week

storm clouds over Walden Pond

storm clouds over the pond

Moments from a very full week.

three boys sitting in a tree


Harvey sticking out his tongue while holding his 4th Grade sign

first day of not school

Harvey on the sadbox roof hammering

roofers at work

the boys watching the butterfly we raised go free

there it goes!

Harvey and Zion swimming in the pond under cloudy skies

swimming in September


moments from the week

the boys and friends digging holes on the beach at the pond

digging together

A few moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion playing air-hockey on the kitchen floor

kitchen hockey

Lijah watching butterflies out the kitchen window

butterfly window


moments from the week

the boys sitting on a dock looking at the Old North Bridge

bridge visit

We did things this week, I promise! Here are some pictures to prove it.

Lijah in a bee costume running after Zion in the yard

chase bee

Zion swinging on a rope

on the farm around the corner

Harvey admiring the bubbles at a kids concert at the library

bubble show

view from the stern of our canoe on the Concord River

giving Zion a turn to paddle


moments from the week

the boys looking at books with a concert in the background

last summer concert in town

Moments from the past week.

Zion among a crowd of kids having a water balloon fight

action shot

Lijah and Henry running on the street in the steady rain

it's raining, it's pouring

the boys holding their full(ish) buckets in front of the blueberry bushes


the boys and friends relaxing by a tiny brook in the woods

woods with friends


moments from the week

Zion at the picnic table taking a bite of corn on the cob with his eyes closed

tastes like summer

Moments from the past week.

Harvey appearing to hold up Mama's car

strong man

the boys and Nathan walking on a path towards a farm

Minuteman farm

Zion and Lijah sitting in a box with bubblewrap around them

did someone order some cuties?

the boys playing baseball in the yard with the neighbor kids

neighborhood ballgame


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion on a wave-beset rock in Bar Harbor


Moments and images from the past week.

the campsite seen through the towel-bedecked clothesline

camp life

Lijah with his friends sitting on the cairn atop a mountain

the littlest mountaineers

Zion sitting in a sheepskin-covered chair on the porch

"And this chair is TOO SOFT!"

Lijah eating a drippy smore with chocolate all over his face

smore messy

Harvey in the midst of a busy Pokemon League, looking bored

lots to see and do at Pokemon League

a rainbow

one of several this week


moments from the week... so far

Harvey and Zion looking out at Fawn Lake


We're off to our annual camping adventure in Maine this morning, so here are a few moments and images from the week to this point... there will be lots more to share when we get back!

Zion and Lijah sleeping in my bed in the morning

in MY bed

the boys pulling garlic

garlic harvest

the boys with friends playing in a muddy parking lot

mud play