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moments from the week

Harvey pushing Zion in Lijah's new tricycle

brother's new trike

Moments from the past week.

Harvey building a lego set at his desk

morning work

Lijah pulling a friend in a wagon hayride


a gang of kids walking down the sidewalk

walking with friends

Zion and Lijah playing on the street, shot through the window


Zion and Lijah in towels on the couch looking at Mama's phone

after-bath entertainment

short-sleeved Zion playing with a stick in the snow

playing in the snow, springtime style

three boys playing with the ship's wheel at the Discovery Museum



moments from the week

Zion bundled up for the blizzard

suited up again in March

Moments from the past busy week.

Lijah eating an icicle

icy snack

Harvey by the chicken coop in his PJs

chilly for chores

every kid at the bus stop climbing a mountain of snow to touch the street sign

bus stop, after the storm

Leah and the boys with friends on a horse-drawn sleigh at Sturbridge

two-horse open sleigh

Harvey and Zion atop a giant mound of snow

because it's there

Zion smiling as he paints at the kitchen table

happy artist

Lijah with chocolate croisant and chocolate milk

out on a date with Mama

Lijah, tape over his mouth, brushing Leah's teeth as she sits in the glider

dental work


moments from the week

balloons and banners for Lijah's birthday


Moments and images from a wild-weather birthday week.

Zion balancing on the metal barrier along the side of the street

street acrobat

Lijah singing into the microphone, Harvey playing keyboard

music time

Harvey tossing lettuce into the pen with sheep and baby lambs

visiting--and feeding--the lambs

Zion (in shorts) at the top of a climbing structure against the blue sky

reaching the (warm) sky

Lijah in PJs, hat, and boots, on the snowy lawn

morning outfit

snow falling thickly in the yard

well that's unexpected!

Zion and Nathan reading (each their own book) on the chair

book buddies (needed down-time)


moments from the week

the boys having lunch on the front steps, wearing shorts

February picnic.. before it got cold again

A few moments from the past week.

Lijah petting a month-old baby's head

baby love

Harvey pulling four kids in the wagon

the Harvey engine that could

purple crocuses in full bloom

a little early...

Zion smiling at the camera amidst the crowd around the table for pancake supper

getting fat on Tuesday

Harvey in fuzzy PJs and winter hat on the swing

cold-weather outfit

at the cake table at Nathan's birthday

birthday partying


moments from the week

Zion on the slushy ice in shorts and sandals

out on the not-quite-ice

Moments from the past week.

Leah and Zion painting the playroom walls orange

home improvements

Rascal lying on a grassy patch on the lawn, surrounded by snow

he found a good spot

Harvey, Zion, Lijah, and Nathan posing crossing a stream in the snowy woods

summer hike in winter

Zion and Nathan playing shirtless in the yard

a little warm for February

Harvey and Zion toasting marshmallows over a fire

warm winter fire


moments from the week

Zion with his snowsuit half off resting on the toboggan

warm-weather sledding break

Moments and images from the past week.

the snowy path to the chicken coop

path to the coop

Valentine cards and snowflakes on our back door

signs of the season

Harvey and Zion posing holding giant icicles

ice blades

the boys on snow tubes on top of the sledding hill

our big sledding hill

the boys painting at the kitchen table

painting time

Lijah blowing on a steaming biscuit

hot biscuit, first thing in the morning

Harvey throwing a snowball at the remains of the snow chair

target: the remains of the snow chair

Harvey and Zion playing a math game

school, occasionally


moments from the week

Lijah licking his snow cake

enjoying his snow cake

Moments and images from the past week.

Lijah, Zion, and Nathan watching the Superbowl on tv

big game on the glowing rectangle

the boys working on crafts at the kitchen table

school work

the boys and I snow-covered on bikes

snowy bike errand

Harvey and Zion hugging their snowman

lovin the snowman

a layer of ice on dried spirea flowers


Harvey, Jack, and Megan atop a stack of logs in the driving snow

when you find a pile of logs you climb it, even in a blizzard

Zion on the toboggan with one bare foot, holding his sock

sledding wardrobe malfunction

the boys and Julen playing with Julen's amazing building toy set

building toys


moments from the week

Lijah watching out the window for Mama

waiting for Mama

Moments and images from the last week and a bit.

Harvey using the hand jigsaw

moving up to power tools

Harvey and Zion in their sleeping bags in the living room eating lunch

camping at home

the boys and friends playing with lots of legos at church

church lego party

Zion in batting stance, wearing mittens

winter ball

zion with his sign, behind some others


the boys entranced in a group session at Drumlin Farm

Groundhog Day education

Zion on the ice of another pond

more icecapades


moments from the year

the Archibalds posing atop Parkman Mtn

the family that hikes together poses together

I didn't really take any pictures this past week, so instead of moments from the week I'd like to present a few highlight moments from 2016. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—either for aesthetic reasons or because of how much fun the moment was (usually a mixture of both). I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really tricky for some months. For others—July and November—the pickings were surprisingly slim. I think it's all pretty representative of the best parts of our year. Take a look!


Harvey and Zion on the front porch, lying in a box sharing a comic book

at 18 degrees farenheit

Harvey, Zion, Hendrick, and Eliza climbing a fallen tree above a frozen stream

homeschool coop explorers 2

Harvey on his bike with his pant legs rolled up

back in the saddle in late January


Harvey in his snow gear, including a muffler totally covering his face

he swears he can see

Leah holding Lijah, who's wearing a monkey costume hat and eating a banana

monkey with banana

the three boys in a tree

another tree pose


Zion sliding down a sandy concrete slope head first on a piece of cardboard

now that's a playground

Mama, Lijah, and Zion smiling in the snow

winter's last

Lijah crying, with mud all over the front of his suit

not happy


a reenactor offering to shake hands with Lijah and Zion

interactive history

Harvey reading to Lijah on the couch

comfey brothers

Zion airborn, leaping from a rock into very shallow water

jump in!


Harvey riding his scooter into a puddle, about to fall over

there's a lot going on in this picture, actually

Harvey, Taya, and Zion sitting on a log, Taya putting her hands on the boys' heads


Zion licking a vanilla ice cream cone

big lick


naked Lijah standing in a mud puddle with a trowel

in the mud

naked lijah walking with Mama in the shallow water at Walden

by evening he decided he liked the water

Harvey and his friends looking at his birthday cake on the picnic table

party time


Harvey riding down a country road

Harvey's independence

the three boys hiking way ahead of me, walking into a clearing

look at them go

Zion, in his clothes, standing with his back to the sprinkler stream getting soaked

cool down time


Harvey sitting on a rounded cliff edge way above a road

relaxed and happy

Leah and I wading on the cobbles in Bar Harbor

Maine feet

the boys looking at the choppy surface of Walden pond

Walden waves


Zion and Harvey silhouetted against the evening sky at the ice cream store

september ice cream

Lijah sitting in a big blue bucket on the beach

now that's how you swim in the ocean

the illuminated tree and the buffet table

party night


Zion swinging on a rope swing in the woods

new swing

the boys and friends running into the fall woods

fall energy

Harvey and Zion wading in the stormy ocean

wade in the water


headlamps on Harvey and Zion and the moon over the marsh

night hiking

me and the boys holding up our Thankful posters (and a squash)

thankful and joyful

Lijah in pjs and sweatshirt holding a soccer ball in front of the house

getting out early


Harvey and Zion standing on a dock looking at the bridge


the boys in pjs playing in front of the Christmas tree

Christmas tree play

the kids lookin silly in front of Grandpa's tree

Christmas cousins


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion sitting on a log looking at an icy pond

relaxing pondside

Some moments and images from the past week.

the boys playing with a parachute with some other kids

self-organizing social play

a gingerbread house

glamor shot before demolition

Lijah attacking the gingerbread house

crush! destroy! consume!

Zion and Lijah, hooded, eating ice cream cones at a little picnic table

cold ice cream

the boys running on the town green

going to town

Harvey in t-shirt and no shoes, playing in the woods with Zion

it's turned warm