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moments from the week

the boys and Nicholas sitting together on the front steps

saturday morning boys

We've got a lot going on around here lately. Here are some moments and images from the past week (not counting today...).

both Grandpas picnicing in the backyard

celebrating Grandpas

Zion watching late-evening rain from the front porch

evening downpour

Harvey and Zion enjoying a hay-ride

outing to the farm

Lijah in green facepaint playing with a paper-bag puppet

creative play

my hand holding a smore

we like doing smores


moments from the week

Zion watering, Lijah watching

the summer yard

Some moments from the week that was.

Lijah making a silly face at a spray park

water park

Zion pausing on a little bridge to dip his toes in a stream

hiking on a hot day

Lijah painting at the kitchen table

Lijah still doing "school"

Harvey admiring the birthday cake he decorated for himself with Grandma

birthday celebrations begin with a cake he decorated himself

Harvey, Ollie, and Eliot waiting to start the PMC

waiting for the ride

Lijah with pirate hat and dinosaur face paint

getting to be a pirate dinosaur

Lijah wearing a space helmet in the sandbox

sandbox spaceman


moments from the week

Lijah smiling at his seat at the back porch breakfast table

pancake morning

A few moments from the past week, not exclusively of Lijah.

the boys eating donuts by a huge puddle at the farmers market

rainy day market

Zion sliding into the wading pool in the backyard

a different kind of splashing

Lijah napping leaning on the trampoline outside

well-deserved rest

Leah and Kelsey dreading Mary's hair in the backyard

dread work

Lijah scootering naked in the street

should he be wearing... pads?


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah working in the garden

farmer boys

A few moments from the week.

Lijah watching the fife and drummers at the farmers market

opening the market

the board game we're creating, mid-test play

a pause in the game


moments from the week

Lijah swinging in the backyard

backyard of fun

A couple of moments from the last week (a little behind schedule).

Lijah sleeping slumped on the couch

emergency nap

backyard picnic with Zion reaching for Lijah's food

cheeky picnic

Zion and Rascal in the waters of Cape Cod Bay

peaceful at the beach


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion checking for eggs together

Zion being trained on Harvey's chores

Moments from the past week.

Lijah in PJs looking at my tomato seedlings in pots

potting up time

the boys eating breakfast out on the pack porch

first outdoor breakfast of the year

a butterfly in a jar with flowers

temporary pet (recuperative care)

Harvey in PJs reading on the front steps

morning reading

Zion at the pond

chillin at the beach

Leah reading to the littler boys on the hammock

summer reading

Harvey and Zion playing in the new sandbox

we've got sand now


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah in pirate garb on one of the woods platforms

arr, matey!

Moments from a cool outsidey week.

Harvey sending a stuffed animal across the clothesline in a basket

gondola experiment

Lijah helping dig up grass for the new sandbox

working on the new sandbox

Harvey using the string trimmer

helping out around the yard

Zion on the green couch looking at a comic book

almost ready to join the readers

Zion, Nathan, and Eliot sitting on a bench--Zion with cap and bat

on the bench at the baseball birthday


moments from the week

Zion baring his teeth while standing on a low tightrope

fierce birthday boy

A few moments and images from the past week.

pink flowers on the trees at church

spring at church

the boys playing on a raft-shaped swing

adventure rafting

the boys and friends eating lunch at a table in the Billerica library

library picnic

Lijah in PJs wading in a pond

all pajamas all the time.. even in ponds

Zion, Lijah, and Eliza on the Sturbridge Village carriage

birthday ride

Lijah and Harvey on the porch, licking brownie batter from a bowl

porch lickers


moments from the week

the boys standing on a rock striking a silly pose


Moments and images from the past week.

Lijah pushing in a pea seed

seeding time

Zion and Lijah playing in a (small) box

room for two

Harvey navigating a bike obstacle course

cycle skills

Zion, Harvey, and Havana doing a puzzle

cooperative puzzlers

Harvey eating homemade sushi with chopsticks

homemade sushi experiment and chopsticks practice

the boys walking in the woods with Rascal wearing warm clothes

chilly spring walk

Lijah lookin cute at the community dinner

community cutie

Lijah and Zion running in the sprinkler on the green grass

green and sparkling

Lijah squinting as he eats breakfast outside

bright out for breakfast


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion with Easter baskets on their heads

Easter sillies

Moments from the past vacation week.

naked Lijah spraying the hose

warm watering

Zion sliding into the wading pool in the backyard

swimming in the yard

Lijah sitting on the Easter picnic table

convenient to the food

Lijah and Zion sitting on the curb enjoying slushes

slush buddies

Harvey with boots on his hands in the house (and Lijah holding a sword)

just a typical morning at our house

Harvey and Lucy being horses, Zion and Clara riding them on a green field

off to the races

Zion smiling (sort of) with his magnatiles construction on the new rug

building on the new rug

Zion and Nathan running on the street, seen from the porch

outside and active