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moments from the week

Harvey and Zion walking on the street with long shadows behind them

morning walk

Moments from the past week.

Lijah wrapped in a blanket surrounded by food lying on the church kitchen floor

sick at church

Harvey walking barefoot in a creek

early tryout for spring feet

Harvey and Zion atop a giant hill of sand-covered snow

what's left of the... snow?

Zion and Lijah playing with a cat in a barn feeding trough

a barn is warm in the March rain

Mama pinning Easter coat patterns on the kitchen table

getting ready for Easter

Lijah on his tummy on the big tree swing



moments from the week

Lijah in pirate facepaint brandishing a hook

me hearty

Moments from the past week.

a view of my front wheel cycling through a giant puddle

some water on the bike path

Zion climbing a partially fallen white pine

up a tree

Lijah in the yard in his pirate costume

pirating all week

Harvey atop a very steep ornamental bridge in a park

pokemon tourism in Worcester


moments from the week

Lijah, Natalie, and Henry buried in snow

snow buddies

Moments from the past week.

the van under about a foot of snow

it's March

Lijah blowing out candles at Grandma's house

kicking off the birthday week

Zion licking an icicle on the porch

icicle season

Lijah standing on the top of the sledding hill, well covered

on the slopes

Lijah showing off a new stuffed mouse at his birthday party

party time!


moments from the week

Harvey holding the playmat he recieved for his first Cup win

sweet victory at last!

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion playing African instruments at Grandma's house

the band

Harvey blowing on a fire in the fire pit, brothers and friends watching

the snow melted off the fire pit

the boys eating a snack in the bare lobby of the HMNH

museum snack

Harvey and Zion walking on the snowy sidewalk by a white picket fence

winter walk

three barefoot boys all playing on the one porch swing

and spring silliness the next day


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah painting hearts


Moments from the past... two weeks. Oops!

Lijah walking down a slushy/icy sidewalk

getting out and about

Harvey reading Dog Man to brothers and friends

boys with a book

Harvey in pikachu sweatshirt walking on a slope under a bridge

urban exploration

Lijah in a monkey costume standing near a giant stuffed giraffe at a birthday party

animal party mingling

the boys playing on the street, H and Z in shorts and short sleeves

warm and snowy


moments from the week

a homemade chinese new year dragon parading in our playroom

a visitor for the Lunar New Year

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion on their bikes in shorts and short sleeves

warm snap

Harvey and Zion climbing up to a giant erratic boulder

exploring a new woods

Zion away down the path, morning sun shining between tree trunks

morning in our woods

Lijah measuring himself against a Magnetiles building

taller than him!

Lijah, in his orange sweater, leaning out the window of the orange play train at the museum

a study in orange

Harvey and Lijah playing video games with friends

gaming party


moments from the week

Lijah on his back sliding on the ice

the joy of ice

Moments and images from the past week.

stacks Pokemon energy cards arranged by color

they finally put me in charge of arranging the energy cards

Harvey and Zion playing in the snow with a puppy

early morning with the neighbor puppy

homeschoolers playing board games in an elegant room at the Lincoln Public Library

homeschool gameday gets classy

Zion sliding on a small cleared patch of ice on a snowy marsh

enjoying his own private rink


moments from the week

sledding: Lijah resting by a tree, Harvey coming up the hill behind him

winter is tiring!

Moments from the week.

Harvey throwing snow at the camera


kids climbing on the snowy playhouse and sandbox

no school on Monday

Zion, coat off, dancing in the snow

never mind the cold!

Zion on the runner sled atop a tiny mound of snow

enjoying the snow before it goes

Zion with construction paper mad eyebrows

he is serious

the boys on a little bridge feeling the water in a brook

winter water

Zion and Lijah on the ice of the reservoir

ice soft but thick


moments from the week

Zion chopping a piece of plywood with the hatchet


I only took one picture this week. But with snow on the ground at long last, I'm sure there will be more soon!

moments from the week

Zion walking on a log over a brook

balance brook

Moments from the past week.

Harvey playing Pokemon

six juniors!

Harvey and friends working on block printing

our little print shop

Zion and Lijah looking cold pinicing outside the library

cold library picnic

the boys running across a field on a hike

crossing the prairie