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moments from the week

Zion eating watermelon

summer face

Moments from the past week.

Harvey's leg with blood dripping from his knee

it was worse than it looks

Zion bridging a gap between two big rocks


kids in bike helmets playing with a cat

the feline center of attention

kids wading out into the mud

where did I bring them?!

Harvey and Lijah reading, seen from behind

they share a look

Harvey picking blueberries

blueberry picker


moments from the week

rising first graders running along a dike

new first graders' independence

Moments and images from the past week.

the Sun Ra Arkestra at the Lowell Folk Festival

Arkestra at the Folk Festival

Lijah in the wading pool with long pants

Lijah's summer outfit makes sense to him...

Zion making a muscle pose wearing my hiking boots

big shoes to fill

friends eating a picnic supper in our yard

elegant dinner picnic

a small apple with a bit out of it

our first macintosh

Leah and Lijah taking a selfie on a roadside bench

selfie buddies

Harvey and Zion wading in the newly exavated pond in town

exploring Bedford's newest pond


moments from the week

Lijah lying on hay bales in his (Zion's actually) pajamas

the story of the week

Moments and images from the past week.

kids eating lunch on the porch on a rainy day

rainy day camp picnic

the boys on the Discovery Museum playground boat


the boys playing Carcasonne

morning board game

Lijah in pj hood and sweatshirt hood

cold but cheerful

everybody around the Bernsteins' new firepit

camp fire in Lexington


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion swimming under the Old North Bridge

Concord River swimming

Moments and images from the past week.

Lijah smiling with lamb hat and sword

battle lamb in a cute moment

kids by the banks of the wide Concord River

day camp outing destination

Zion with a perler bead heart sticking to his chest

his heart

Harvey closing his eyes, a big bug on his nose

it landed on him; he was patient while I took the photo

Harvey and Zion playing a board game on the rug, Lijah watching

his lamb hat is appropriate for the farming-themed game

Lijah sleeping on the couch

5:30 am nap

Harvey sharing a book with an instant friend at an outdoor concert

friends in five minutes; didn't exchange names

the three boys wading in the river

refreshing river water


moments from the week

Lijah standing on a sand castle at Walden Pond

towering over babies at the pond

Moments from the past week.

Zion gave himself messy hair at the pond

beach hair

kids wading in a stream with bike helmets on

off the bikes for a moment

shirtless kids doing chemistry experiments at the kitchen table

warm-weather science

Lijah sleeping in the stroller, holding his pig

sleepy at the farmers market

Harvey and Zion swimming in a very blue pool

pool party


moments from the week

Harvey flying a kite on the beach

taking flight

Moments and images from the past very busy week.

Zion and Nathan posing on a bench in the woods

hiking buddies in repose

Lijah gingerly feeding a goat some celery

not too sure about the goat's table manners

Lijah smiling in a little red chair

at a friend's pool

Harvey, Zion, Lijah, and Julen posing with red white and blue Italian ice

bought with the slush fund

Lijah and puppy Tovi on the beach

little boy and little dog

Harvey standing atop a dune bluff over the foggy atlantic

a great beach day

Grandma and Grandpa walking with boys and dogs on the beach

grandkids and dogs

the boys on the stone quay in Welfleet Harbor

down by the harbor


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah brandishing popsicles at a church picnic

church picnic popsicles

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and many friends on the hammock

birthday friends

Zion and other kids crawling out over the pond on a fallen tree

that's Zion leading out

Lijah looking proud wearing Zion's backpack on the trail

proud walking carrying his brother's pack

sunset rainbow after a thunderstorm

just missed getting the lightning in the shot

Lijah reading a book on the couch

our littlest reader


moments from the week

the boys and Nicholas sitting together on the front steps

saturday morning boys

We've got a lot going on around here lately. Here are some moments and images from the past week (not counting today...).

both Grandpas picnicing in the backyard

celebrating Grandpas

Zion watching late-evening rain from the front porch

evening downpour

Harvey and Zion enjoying a hay-ride

outing to the farm

Lijah in green facepaint playing with a paper-bag puppet

creative play

my hand holding a smore

we like doing smores


moments from the week

Zion watering, Lijah watching

the summer yard

Some moments from the week that was.

Lijah making a silly face at a spray park

water park

Zion pausing on a little bridge to dip his toes in a stream

hiking on a hot day

Lijah painting at the kitchen table

Lijah still doing "school"

Harvey admiring the birthday cake he decorated for himself with Grandma

birthday celebrations begin with a cake he decorated himself

Harvey, Ollie, and Eliot waiting to start the PMC

waiting for the ride

Lijah with pirate hat and dinosaur face paint

getting to be a pirate dinosaur

Lijah wearing a space helmet in the sandbox

sandbox spaceman


moments from the week

Lijah smiling at his seat at the back porch breakfast table

pancake morning

A few moments from the past week, not exclusively of Lijah.

the boys eating donuts by a huge puddle at the farmers market

rainy day market

Zion sliding into the wading pool in the backyard

a different kind of splashing

Lijah napping leaning on the trampoline outside

well-deserved rest

Leah and Kelsey dreading Mary's hair in the backyard

dread work

Lijah scootering naked in the street

should he be wearing... pads?