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moments from the week

Harvey looking at reenactors at Monroe Tavern

living history

Moments and images from the past week.

Harvey and Lijah playing in the sandbox

Harvey's wooden video game system

the boys playing in summer clothes

spring action!

macro crocuses

another sign of spring

Harvey and Zion hiking with their co-op buddy Sam

hiking with new friends

reenactors firing a volley



moments from the week

the boys, all in pikachu sweatshirts, in snowy Arlington

pikachus in snow

Moments from the past week.

Lijah at the church egg hunt

on the hunt

kids trading egg prizes in the playhouse

easter trading

Harvey playing at board game day

epic game of Quest for El Dorado

the boys hiking

hiking season begins

snow falling outside out flower-decorated window

spring snow

Zion and Lijah in the bike at the pole capping

Pika patriot


moments from the week

the boys at the Seder table

different than other nights

Happy Easter! Here are a few moments and images from the past week.

Harvey and Zion chopping up the last of the snowman

finishing off the snow

Lijah with tears and a little face paint

sad face

Lijah standing by a croquet set

classy at homeschool park day

communion elements at the Maundy Thursday dinner

Maundy Thursday

the boys watching kids play DS at pokemon league

the glamor of Pokemon League


moments from the week

Lijah licking a snow cake

springtime snow cake

Moments from the past week.

kids on the floor looking at Pokemon cards and drawing on the whiteboard

homeschooling this week

the boys playing Dragonwood with new friends

coop Park Day moved indoors

the boys under a pile of blankets on the floor

there's three kids in there!

Lijah in his cat hat, brothers playing in the background



moments from the week

Zion and Harvey lying down at the top of the sledding hill

on the slopes

A very few moments from the past week.

snow on the shed and playhouse

one more nor'easter

the hens pecking in a patch of grass amidst the snow

hens appreciate the power of the March sun


moments from the week

the boys on a tire swing

homeschool recess

Moments and images from Lijah's birthday week.

Zion and Lijah being silly on the couch


Lijah blowing out the birthday candles on the cake grandma made him

the party at Grandma and Grandpa's

sticky snow on and around the chicken coop

heavy snow

Harvey building a big snowman

snowman work

Lijah posing with Liam, making a silly face

birthday sillies

Lijah blowing out the candles on his chocolate pokeball cake

birthday = celebrated!


moments from the week

Zion at the bat

spring training

Moments from the past week.

Lijah playing Hungry Hippos with some bigger kids

playing with the big kids

Lijah holding a saw

carpenter's helper

Lijah on the swing in his cat hat

swingin' cat

the kids painting at the table

painting Swedish horses


moments from the week

Harvey up almost to the top of his boots in a puddle

lots of water

Moments and images from the week.

a tall cap of snow on a porch post

tall snow

Zion and Lijah cuddled up on the couch

slow Sunday morning

shirtless Harvey and Zion selling rocks at the side of the street

rocks for sale

the boys in pjs playing with blocks

I was a few seconds too late to capture the ramp

eating lunch outside on the back porch

just about warm enough for lunch outside


moments from the week

Zion and Harvey looking at the Concord River

pointing out the tree where they played in the low-water summer

Moments from the past week.

Havana and Kamilah on the roof of the playhouse, Harvey leaning out the window

incomplete playhouse = climbing structure

Zion standing on slushy ice

Zion walking on water

Zion swinging on the monkey bars

the playground is open for business

Harvey writing in his notebook homework at the playspace

Pokemon homework


moments from the week

the boys in front of Lexington's Old Bellfry

tourists in Lexington

Moments from the past week.

the boys watching football with friends

sports fans

Havana and the boys trying to light a fire

wet weather for fires

Lijah on a hike

becoming a confident winter hiker

Zion biting into a sandwich picnicking in a field

a cold sandwich

Lijah playing big legos with Liam

lego buddies