Harvey's first Christmas!

For Chanukah my parents gave us a HD video camera. In this case, HD clearly stands for Harvey Douglas. Please enjoy our first forays into home movie making with these scenes from Harvey's first Christmas.

Christmas review

We celebrated Christmas at my parents' house just like I've done every year of my life and Leah's done for the past five or six years. Tom and Nelly were there this year, which was nice. So was Harvey, of course, and he made a difference to how we did things. Stocking presents here at home, for example. Which we did at 5:00 in the morning, for some reason... (you may blame me, I believe).

So after that it was nice to have a relaxing day. We got over there at around 10:30, ate some breakfast, opened some presents, took a walk, opened more presents, sat around... things like that. We may have gotten a little cranky towards the end, but that was just due to lack of sleep. Leah is remedying that right now for herself, and I will do likewise in just a moment.