This is the one-month-versery of this blog, and we've written in it every day of all that month. The -versery also marks one month that I've been in California, although I don't remember if I started it right the day I got here. Probably not, but it wasn't very long afterwards in any case. To celebrate these milestones, you should all write more comments in the comments section!! People will think nobody's reading this thing. Yes, I know the comments form is ugly, because I haven't styled it at all and it's left with a mix of the default style and this pink one. But it still works, you know! And I'll make it look pretty tomorrow, so then you'll have no excuses at all.

Today I biked all over town, cause I brought Leah lunch but forgot to bring her her pinkeye medicine, which she had asked for. So she made me go home and get it. All the excercise is good for me, I'm sure. It also reinforces my conviction that biking is a better way to get around this town than driving, at least at times like the lunch hour when everyone has their cars on the road. If I had had to find parking--twice!!--and then navigate out of that parking to go home, it would easily have taken longer than biking did. Also I wouldn't be so fit and trim and ruggedly handsome.

Also I went to the library, once I was done scurrying hither and thither for the boss here. It was very pleasant. Despite what I said earlier about the library here, I quite enjoy it; on the whole, visiting libraries makes me feel much cheerier about the world. I view them as a bastion against self-interested commercialization I think. After I leave the library I can sit in the sun and think that a sunny spot in the parking lot is as nice as anywhere you'd care to go.

Leah is writing another post now, which she claims will have the funniest title ever. I'll finish this post here and go look over her shoulder, and see if I can sneak a peek before she's done.

pink eye for the thin guy

this must have happened to you too at some point. yesterday morning i woke up and could barely open my eyes; they were all sticky and crusty. so i went to the bathroom to wash my face and sure enough, my eyes were all red and yucky. So i went back to bed (this still being like 6am and all) thinking "this sucks. now i have to go to the doctor, and get medicine, and put a hot wash-cloth over my eyes, and blah-blah-blah complain-complain. Thus i rolled back into bed, waking up the sleepy cutie pie, and he rolls over all sleepy like to hug me, and i scream "Don't touch me! Dont touch me! I have an eye infection! It's terribly contagious!!!" Poor thing, how does he every put up with me? Well that sure woke him up.

Well, we went to the doctor early in the morning, or i should say the ucla clinic, because i've never actually met my personal doctor, but that's an HMO thing. Good old dan came with me and waited in the waiting room. the doctor came in and said, "So you have an eye infection? Wow, your eyes look gross!" Thankfully, he was just being funny for my benefit. he perscribed me some eye drop anti-biotics and then sent me on my way. The drugs we picked up at the Ralphs immedietly after. the whole ordeal: doctor plus drugs, only costed me $20 total. not bad.

Then all day Dan got to be annoyed by me saying: "don't touch my eyes! don't touch my face! quick, wash your hands!"

poor thing.

But now i'm doing much better, cept i have to wear my glasses for a few days yet. and dan hasn't gotten the disease, so in a couple of days we'll be home free. knock on wood.

Speaking of wood, dan failed to describe the glory of our beautiful bookcase. it's really nice. if only now we could move the million card-board boxes out of this place...

The other discovery of today is that Dan has become ghastly thin since living with me. Well, not ghastly necessarily, since he still has the cutest baby cheeks you've ever seen, but thin. i noticed today, because he was wearing an orange tight record-boy shirt that i gave him, and i said "where did the rest of you go?" And how come he gets to get thinner and i get fatter from us living together? So no fair.

I brought home a pie as a present to Dan, so he could have more dessert and also feel a little fattened up. He said "We can't afford pies" but i think that might mean "thank you" in Dan-speak. his slim little belly will thank me later, anyways.