it's officially summer...

...when the pool opens!

harvey in the sprinkler park

collecting coolness

We went to our local pool and sprinkler park for several hours on Saturday. There is a sandy beach, a dock, a sprinkler park, and a playground. (There's also a concession stand which I am pretending does not exist.) After four hours of playing it still took tremendous effort to get the boys to leave at half past dinner time. And only then because I promised we could go back on Monday.

zion running in the sprinkler park

a 2-year-old running in a sprinkler is the definition of joy

This is basically my plan for the rest of the summer.


his fourth party

Harvey and his birthday cake

sneaking a peek

Never mind Fathers Day; around here this weekend is more popularly known for the celebration of Harvey's birthday. And what a party we had this afternoon!

This morning one of my Sunday school students, hearing about our plans for the celebration, spent some time telling me about her younger sister's memorable parties—dogs, gymnastics, horses...—and she wanted to know what the theme was going to be for Harvey's 4th. No theme, I told her; unless you count hanging out, eating, and drinking.

I feel tremendously lucky that we have so many good friends who are willing to come to our chaotic, theme-free parties (though this one did come with some pretty good hamburgers and cake—chocolate with chocolate frosting in the latter case, as per request). Harvey may not realize it now, but he's lucky too, and not just because he scored a totally awesome play tent and real sleeping bag. Thanks everyone for coming!

I only wish I hadn't been too busy grilling and having fun to take more pictures, but never mind—you know what we all look like anyways.