it's easy being green

At least, it is this time of year. The weather has been pretty good for the garden, and it shows. Peas are going grand.

a few of the sugar snap peas

plump and sweet

We're also harvesting basil, arugula, lettuce, and raspberries; radishes, spinach, and strawberries are done.

a mass of arugula

succession planting number 2

closeup of basil

closer to pesto

(Basil has come quite a ways in a month!)

But although we're still waiting for tomatoes and peppers, not quite everything is green:

closeup of red and orange marigold flower

attractive natural insect repellent

Of course, Harvey is a great help, at least in intention. He hasn't yet pulled the peas off the trellis trying to pick one...

Harvey in the garden

in the midst of it all