almost my birthday

There's fifty-two minutes until my birthday as I type this, but really I've done all the good birthday stuff already, a little early. My parents took us out to eat at Hartwell House so we could try it out (we're considering having the rehearsal dinner there) and then we went home for presents and cheesecake pie. That pie is something of a tradition, on my birthday. Leah gave me the best present of the lot: a iPod!! Now I'm really one of the cool kids. I'll have to go outside now, to take advantage of the ability to listen to my music away from my computer. I really haven't been doing alot of that lately, going outside, so it'll be a welcome change. I stayed up this late to get all the music on my computer downloaded to the player, and then to listen to it a little bit. Great stuff. But now I really need to go to bed. I'll get to sleep late in the morning, because it'll be my birthday.

Heehee, I didn't see until after I wrote the above paragraph that Leah had written something today. Let me say, she didn't ruin last year's cheese pie at all. It was deeee-licious!


Dear Dan,

I am very happy that you were born 28 years ago today, and that i was born four years and 55 days after that. It's was simply a wonderful idea of mine that i gave you a head start on maturity so that we could be roughly equal when we met 15 years later. Other than the fact that our biological clocks now alarm at different junctures, i'm very happy that you're older and wiser while i'm still younger and cuter... and you're still pretty cute yourself so i don't mind it if you keep pestering me to start making babies for the next five or ten years or so.

All in all, Dan, i love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much, and i look forward to celebrating all our birthdays together, forever and ever, for as long as God gives us to have birthdays. It's only 55 days until mine, and then only 309 more days until yours, and from today March 5, can you belive it, it's only 548 more days until our first wedding anniversary!!!

I love you 364 unbirthdays, plus 1.