a day of bad decisions

We had kind of a blizzard here today, and nobody was ready for it. Lexington schools decided on a two hour delay, which put everyone's arrival at school right when the storm was at it's height. Then they cancelled after school care, and immediately the snow stopped and pretty much melted off the roads. Maximum inconvenience for parents, achieved! Not us, of course; Leah was home with our sweet babies anyhow, and I had a fun time playing in the snow. My only bad decision was to take the car instead of biking, because I was afraid of being killed out on the narrow, snow-choked roads. But Lexington actually plowed the bike path at least twice during the day today, which is pretty awesome. Ah well, discretion is the better part, etc, and it was snowy enough in the morning that even the car presented some interesting elements of challenge.

So now we're snow-covered again, but the best thing about March snowfall is that it doesn't stick around for long!