I miss blankets

Today was the first real hot summer day of the year. I suppose it's time; it's just about June, after all. Still, I don't feel quite ready. The garden is nowhere near as far along as it should be, for one thing (sure there are 20 tomato plants in the ground so far, but I haven't planted any beans yet!). More importantly, though, I don't think I'm quite prepared to give up my fleece blankets and comforters!

This winter Leah and I abandoned any attempts at sharing bedding, separated as we tended to be by a dog who wants to gather all the blankets under himself and a child who, back then at least, hated to be covered up. It was a trial at first, but once we got used to arranging our own nests I wondered why we hadn't thought of it before. Just the thing for cold winter nights; and I never sleep so well as when it's cold outside the blankets and warm and toasty inside. All that padding also helped to insulate me from Zion's kicks.

But now everything's different once again. Zion is sleeping in his own bed most of the time (even if Leah has to occasionally—often—accompany him there) and all of a sudden it's hot and steamy. The fans are running, there's nothing but sheets on the bed, and I hope I can find a way to get comfortable. But on the plus side, Zion's gone and Rascal is too hot to sleep in the bed, so it's just me and Leah again... for at least the next 40 minutes.