cold comfort

I like the cold. I'm not good for much in the heat—when the temperature gets above, say, 80°F—but given the right outfit I'm happy down well below zero. Not just in winter, either: I'll take all the cold I can get for sleeping, and I open my car windows as soon as I can in the spring (or on sunny days in the winter). The only problem is, I usually have to accommodate other folks who prefer things a tad more balmy.

Well, for the first time ever in my life, I am not the most cold-tolerant person I know, nor even the most cold-tolerant person in my household. Yes, with the heat of pregnancy burning inside her, Leah now throws off the covers when the windows are open and it's 40°F and raining outside, so yeah. Life is great!

By the way, the autocomplete informs me that I have used this title before; googling "'cold comfort'" tells me it was this post. Just in case you were keeping track.