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Another post about socks

"Oh Man!" I exclaim from the bedroom.
"I thought picked out two white socks for Harvey, but now I see that one of them is white and the other one is cream."
"Oh." Dan pauses. "So?"
"So it doesn't match!"
"Um," says Dan, "I don't think he'll care."
"It doesn't matter if he cares. I care. I want Harvey to be stylish."
"Mismatching socks is stylish. It's baby style."
"More like Punky Brewster style."
"I don't think Punky Brewster ever rocked one sock that was white and one sock that was off-white. That's too outlandish even for her."
"Oh crap! I just put his shoes on the opposite feet!"
"I'll be waiting outside."


Bruce has had trouble finding matching socks lately, the laundry must be eating them. He gets more upset about this then I do. I tell him "well, their shapes match, that's pretty good"

Shapes match?! That's very funny. Baby socks are magic for getting lost in the laundry. I never should have bought differing variations of white socks. That's a classic "new mom" mistake.

I support your efforts at having a stylish son... but don't be too hard on yourself! Frankly, most babies can't even keep socks on their feet for more than ten minutes, so if he's got TWO on, he's practically the Gucci of babies ;)

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