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staying home update

I have been thoroughly enjoying my "extended vacation" at home with Dan and Harvey, marred only by my body's recent inability to process food. First I got waylaid by some sort of stomach illness which kept me on toast from Thursday night through Monday, then this evening I developed some sort of lymph infection or toothache that makes it hurt when I open my jaw. Look, I know I'm lazy about losing weight, but I already dropped 3 pounds this week. I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy, pre-cubicle weight. Can't we call it a day already, body?

The other theory is that I'm rapid cycling through all the illnesses I was supposed to have over the past year but put off because I was too stressed. Since Dan's still home for another week before school starts, it's like my immune system wants to squeeze in every possible minute of lying on the couch moaning while someone else watches the baby.

The baby, actually, is no longer a baby but a toddler who has suddenly developed the ability to be annoying on purpose. Today he asked for OJ and then spilled it all over the floor. Then he threw a tantrum for a milkshake only to spill that all over the floor. "No" I said. "NO!" Harvey screamed. "Bad boy." I said. "Da Bo!" He screamed in delight.

For the rest of the day he screamed periodically - high pitched at the top of his lungs whenever he felt like it - just to hear the sound of his own voice. In retrospect, maybe that's why my jaw hurts. I've done a lot of clenching it lately.

Still. It beats scrubbing spreadsheets in a cubicle.

In Harvey's defense, he's still dealing with the tail-end of the stomach thing, and the tail end looks like green snotty poop. Also he's adjusting to so much upheaval in the child-care situation. Because I left him so much over the past 6 months he developed the dramatic habit of shrieking in pain every time I leave the room. I don't think he's quite convinced yet that I'm not going to leave again for 9 hours at a time. Still, when you go in and out of the room several times for laundry and things, it gets annoying.

Which is okay after all. It's okay and fair to get annoyed with your family. That just means you're hanging out with them enough.


I like your last comment. It makes me feel good to think I am spending enough time with my kids.

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