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camping 2012: getting going

We've been working on getting ready for this camping trip, to the exclusion of all else, for two straight days. Dada hopes to leave at 6:00 (haha), Mama at 8:00. What will happen?

5:30 - Up and getting ready to go. It's 52 degrees out; I wish I hadn't already packed up all the warm clothes.

6:30 - packed up the relish, then had to dig it out to make sandwiches.

7:30 - Harvey is sitting in the car. Rascal would be too if I let him. Some anxiety about our departure.

8:30 - Zion throws up.

8:40 - Leah runs inside to get the juice cups.

8:41 - We leave.

8:45 - Come back for some things we forgot, leave again.

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