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camping 2012, day 0: travelling

Leah and Zion smiling

rest stops make us happy

As I mentioned, the trip didn't get off to the best start this year. Zion was running a fever for a few days before we left, and just moments before we were going to get in the car he threw up. But as it turns out, low-grade fevers and baby car trips are a great combination: he got to rest undisturbed for a few solid hours and we got to drive without stopping all the way up past Portland! (Harvey spent the time watching shows on his iPad; I'm sure he could have gone five or six hours nonstop.)

a look into the fully-loaded trunk

that's enough room for Rascal, right?

We'd spent the last two days packing up, and it was a good thing; it's tricky to fit us all in the car. But we did much better than usual this time. Not only was the full complement of food moderately accessible at stops (being able to reach chilled apple juice was essential), but I could even see over the load in the rear view mirror! I don't know how I managed it. Beach toys were also easily reachable, which was handy for our second stop, in Linconville.

Zion presenting the camera with a beach rock

rock? rock?

We spent quite a while there, playing in the sand and water. Zion and I stayed mostly dry, but Mama and Harvey got the full ocean experience despite not being prepared with swimming suits.

Harvey running in the water wearing a wet shirt

we didn't really plan on him swimming

Rascal, of course, never misses a chance for complete immersion.

Rascal swimming towards the camera with a stick

he never gets tired of it

Leaving the beach was hard—much crying and screaming was involved—but eventually we were on our way, and with Harvey sleeping while Zion watched the iPad we were able to get all the way up to Bar Harbor with but one further stop, in Bucksport, for gas and nursing.

I think that we made three or more stops for Rascal back before we had kids and we certainly needed more than that the last two years, so even with over an hour at the beach we still made record time up to the campground; and, more importantly, we got there before our friends so we were able to grab the best tenting spot!

Zion and Harvey sitting on camp chairs, Rascal on the ground

chairs, boys, and dog set up

No, not really, we actually waited until they got there—just about half an hour after us—to set everything up. Then Mama and Harvey went swimming in the pool (I sense a theme here) while Kyle and Margaret cooked us chicken and corn for dinner. (I was... probably doing something very important too. Watching Zion? And collecting firewood?) The boys were super-excited about the tent, and we went to bed ready for the next day's adventures.

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