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come labor on

We celebrated Labor Day by laboring to clean the kitchen and the fridge. Unfortunately, the order in which we did those two tasks means that the kitchen is at this moment not clean at all, as well as rather malodorous. But the fridge is remarkably empty!

we now return you to our regularly scheduled fall programming

We may have thrown off the experimentally added comforter in the middle of the night due to unbearable warmth, but the position of the sun suggests that fall is here. Sunset at 7:30, fine, but having it this dark when I get up is something I'm not used to! Did this happen last year? It must mean it's time to go back to school, and I'm sure glad I have somewhere to go. First grade here I come!!

Ithaca is Gorges nationally renowned

Ever since the end of the Homestar Runner fad when I put aside my Pompom t-shirt, my most commented upon garment has been the iconic green "Ithaca is Gorges" t-shirt. Former residents of that fine town, as well as past attendees of its fine colleges and universities, are not at all shy about mentioning their love of the place to someone whose clothing suggests they might appreciate hearing it, or at least have some idea of what the speaker is talking about. It's pretty cool, being part of the Ithaca-in crowd. Most of the time, anyways; sometimes the former residents' lack of shyness is manifested with an enthusiasm and lack of social awareness that is a little embarrassing in a public place. But that's alright, at least we know that even the crazy people are good liberals!

our joyous day

Leah and I were slightly celebratory today, in recognition of the successful and happy completion of three years of marriage. Yes, today was our third, or "cloth", anniversary, and according to tradition we made gifts for each other out of that secret ingredient. As Leah pointed out, cloth is not exactly my strong point gift-creation-wise, but I acquitted myself reasonably well with a heart-shaped cuddle pillow featuring an ascii heart (thusly: <3). Of course, it couldn't come close to competing with the pornographic scarf she embroidered and quilted for me, but she appreciates the effort. I hope!

We also went to the pond for a swim. Cause we're romantic that way. Here's to the next three years!

Did somebody say porn scarf?

Since Dan mentioned in a previous post the pornographically embroidered scarf I made him for marriage_year=3, I thought I would be remiss if I did not dutifully link to the pictures. Because our blog is having some image challenges en ce moment, here is the link to my flickr photostream where you can see all my creations, meaning, the crap I've made this summer. Here's the quick link to the sexy man himself wearing the scarf, perhaps for the only time ever!

We have secretly replaced her tea with the tea she actually purchased

Did you know that you can take out most of the caffeine in a cup of tea by pouring hot water over the teabag, waiting 20 seconds, and then pouring that water out? It turns out that caffeine is very water soluble, so a tea bag after one steeping is essentially decaffeinated, says my brother.

This information came in very handy this morning when I found that the green tea I've been drinking for the past month is not ACTUALLY decaffeinated, since I, uh, accidentally bought the wrong box of tea at wholefoods. After a month of reaming out other people YOU WILL NOT TRY TO FORCE CAFFEINE INTO THIS BODY it turns out my own lack of attention has been padding my system with the equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee a day. Good job Leah. Well, October is a new month!

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