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I took a good spill on the way to work this morning. Most of the snow is melted from the bike path, but there's still a few patches of frozen slush that've made things very bumpy indeed the past couple days. Today, though, they were more deadly that before thanks to much colder temperatures and a little bit of snow overnight. The worst patch was on a bridge over a creek, and it was rather worse than I expected: so much so that as soon as I rode onto the ice I lost traction and the bike slid out right in front of me. I went over onto my back, where, happily, I was padded with a backpack filled with all sorts of spare warm garments. So no pain to speak of, nor did I get wet at all, even sliding ten feet or so before I came to a stop some distance removed from the bike. It must have all been very impressive; I wish someone had caught it on video for me to see!

I walked my bike over that spot on my way home.


And I have to learn about these things on the blog! Because you don't want me expressing wariness/naggyness the next icy day you head out on your bike? I wouldn't do that.... anymore than normal, I mean.

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