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physchoanalysis via temperature

More cold weather here in Eastern Massachusetts, more consternation from members of the public and my household, and more self-congratulation from me about my totally extreme cold-tolerance. What can I say, it's a natural gift! Yes, those of you who followed that last link (or who read this blog regularly) will know that I already did my cold post for this year, but you'll have to indulge me in another one: it was much colder today than it was that day!

Today at work I was asked incredulously why I like this sort of cold, after I was overheard loudly proclaiming my love for it (I had to! everyone else was complaining!). The reason that came to mind was that I very much enjoy being able to bundle up enough to go outside in whatever sort of conditions might arise. As I've said for years, the right gear makes any temperatures comfortable—at least, any temperatures that we can expect to encounter in this neck of the woods. And there's something downright cozy about being snug and warm in layers of fleece, wool, canvas, and that plastic-y stuff that wind pants are made out of while the wind howls about you.

So that's what I said. But I have other reasons too. One, when it's below 20° F I'm pretty much guaranteed not to get wet, and I like that. And with a windchill well below 0° I'm not likely to get hot either, another plus. It's also fun to be able stand cheerfully by while other folks are wailing and moaning. (Note: this applies to my coworkers, not to my wife. She has my sympathy for her struggles with dog and baby and cold.)

Hard soul-searching reveals one final reason: I like extremes. If it's going to be hot, I want to see just how hot it can get; ditto for cold. Rain, wind, floods, snow: you name it, I like to see what the weather can dish out. And it's not just natural phenomena, either. If a traffic jam is big enough, even stuck in it myself I'm likely to giggle with glee at the level of chaos that can emerge on the roadways. Obviously, I don't take this too far: even in my thirst for mayhem I hate to see anyone really suffer, and I wouldn't wish disaster on anyone personally. But since the cold isn't going cause permanent damage to any students or faculty at Harrington Elementary, I can enjoy it with a clean conscience. So in other words, my coworkers are right: I am crazy, probably.


Two points which got cut from the post proper:

1. As much as I enjoy the cold, I'm amazed that some people face it without hat and mittens. Maybe that's why you don't like it, folks! You gots to be prepared!

2. I am not the only one to like bad weather. Aside from the storm chasers and Weather Channel reporters, there's also folks like Rantwick:

Meanwhile in my neck of the woods it's already spring...we haven't gotten a single night at freezing all January and day time temps have been hovering around 50 all month. And the crocuses have all popped out! It's tempting me to start planting some cold weather veggies...

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