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recollecting the weekend

Harvey and some pumpkins at Parlee Farms

pumpin? pumpin? pumpin?

You can tell it was either a good weekend or a bad one when we don't post Saturday or Sunday. I don't remember what we did Saturday, but Sunday after church we made the second trip of the season to the apple farms, this time with our hip German friends Alex and Nelli (and little Noah). The apple farms have pumpkins now, which Harvey was only a little less excited about than he was the tractor. The apples themselves were tied for third with the goats. Dactew, pumpin, appew, goh, as Harvey would put the list of attractions.

For Leah, the highlight was when I told her that someone had asked Alex and I if we were a couple while we waited in line together for apple crisp. That, and the apple crisp itself. Topping apple crisp with butter crunch ice cream is just decadence, but you need some way to make the afternoon's dose stand out if you've also had apple crisp for breakfast.

I think that means it was a good weekend.


Awww, I love pumpkin pictures. Sounds like a great weekend!

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