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joyous sunshine

Forgive another short post crowded with phone cam photos, but I'm having so much fun on vacation that's all I have time for!

Harvey's boots standing on actual grass

boots on the ground

The significance of this shot may be easy to miss on first glance, but on examination you will notice that there is no snow to be seen anywhere in the frame. Yes, Harvey is standing on actual grass.

Admittedly it's just a teeny area—maybe three feet square—in the lee of the hemlock trees, but still. Since the cave under the hemlocks is Harvey's favorite place in the yard, he made a beeline for it this afternoon when we went outside. How pleasant it was to sit on the grass in the warm sun! Of course, some folks still prefer the snow:

Rascal enjoying a stick in the old snow

warm on top, cool underneath

You can see that things are still mostly white. But the sun is strong and warm, and things are melting even when the thermometer doesn't make it above freezing. Harvey knows the baby is coming "when the snow melts", so he's cheering it on. And very much enjoying being outside again, too.

me and Harvey

a couple of outdoorsmen

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