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blizzard report 2013

the house and car in the blizzard, the latter covered with snow

deep deep snow

It snowed a bit. After having been stuck inside for most of Friday thanks to driving fine snow with no accumulation, we woke up to this:

the view out onto the back porch, with snow piled against the doors

shut in

Clearly we couldn't go out that way, but luckily our house has more than one door, because the intrepid squibix family was ready for adventure!

Harvey, Zion, and Mama walking down the snowy street

braving the storm

We lasted a good five minutes outside. (That was the kids' fault; Leah and I had actually both been outside earlier to see to the chickens. You know you're real farmers when you have to shovel a path out to the livestock before you tackle the front walk.)

The snow stopped before lunch time, which meant we were able to take another trip outside, slightly longer this time. Harvey was well-geared up and ready for anything.

Harvey in a lot of snow gear

can he even see?

Zion hasn't yet grasped the connection between wearing particular items of clothing and staying warm, so he declined snowpants or mittens. He was... not entirely enthusiastic about being outside.

Zion's face, not quite enjoying the snow

not a huge fan of the conditions

After we shoveled and played in the snow with friends, I hung out in the garden a little bit.

the garden and chicken coop in a lot of snow

not quite ready for planting

The poor chickens spent the entire day inside their coop, but when I came by they decided to take a look at the world beyond their door. It turns out they like the snow about as much as Zion does, and if any of them put a toe on the white stuff in was entirely by accident.

the chickens looking out their door into their snowy run

unsure about descending

Ah well, hens and toddlers: it'll all be gone soon enough.

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